Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

Sampfon a typeti he fubdues whole countries and kingdomes unto him; that thewerke may bee knowne to be his owne hand .and power, and not the inirument+s. 3. Saxnpfon flewmore of Gods enemies at his death then in all his life,luig.i 6..3o. And this was the cf ea ofthe deathof Chrii, when finne, Satan, hell, the grave, and his ene. mies feerned to triumph over him, and make themfelves merry (with the Philiflirns) as having in their power their ggreateff enerie ; but f àddenly he affliC ed them more in his death then in alibis life.This death ofChrif} pulled Satans houle over his head ; it was the death of death, and fqueafing ofall enemies at once. ç. Samp- fonbeing in the Citty Azzah, and the Citizens now ly- ing in wait to kill him, and to make an end of fo furi- ousanenemy whom they had fure within their gates, he arofeat midnight and Cooke the dooresof the gates ofthe City, and the twop0[1s, and lift them away with thebarres,and layd them on his fhoulders and departed, ch. 16. 3: So when fatanand inners had buriedChriff, laid a lone on him,fealed it,andwatched him, thinking theyhad him fure enough never to moleft themmore; he like another mightySampfon rofe inhis might, car- ried away thegates and barres ofdeath from himfelfe and all his members. All the bondsof death and finne, withwhich hewas bound in our lead, he fhooke off, as Sampfondid the fevengreene cords; and broke their power as towe is broken when it feeleth fire. 5. Sampfannever had helpe from any other,in flaying the Lyon,the enemies;but with his ownehand without any other fecond orweapon : So Chrii in the wilder- neffealone; in the gardenat prayer alone; before Pilate alene,all the difciples fled;on theCroffe alone. Noother muff tread the winepreffe;none mutt fharein thehonor,. nor conqueft withhim. Judgenone by I. Not to judge of the piety or impiety of Gods !: outward - la:nities. children by their calamities.Sampfonhathmany enemies, I many