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Vfe3. Our vietory Rands in pa- tience and paflion. Illac qua aedat & fiqerat; hicqui cæditur &per- feit : Illic qui vi- ciffirrsfeit;hic qui alteri maaril- lamprabet:non in rsltaone, fedpati- entiaviaoria poncleaatur. Ife4. Fourefold com- fort toGods people. Sampfon tape of ChrUl. meit unlikely or contrary meanes. Let Gods enemies feare revenge by every thing, even where no fame is. An enemy ofGod and his Church is never fate, feeme he never fo fecure, An army offrogges (hall drive Pha- raoh out ofhis bedchamber in the middeft of his great- n ,ffè;a fly ;hall choake Pope Adrian, if other meases be wanting;and proudHerod (hall be eaten up,not by an army ofmen but of lice. I I I. The greaten viaory againfl the enemies of the Church is by pa (lion and patience, fubmittingour (elves meekely untoGod inobedience, walking in our callings, anddoing the workeofGod. Thus did thefe two mighty Sampfons moll overcome their enemies when they feemed moll overcome by them. Our warre (faith Ifadore) is contrary to the ffriving of theOlym- picks. Therebeegets thegarlandwhichflrikZeth andover- commeth; heerehe which isfizrooke andfuf fereth. Therehe whiclo beingflrook- flrike,th againe, heere he which efereth his cheeks to thefriker, And thus heconcludeth ; Our viaory confifleth not in revenging but in fettering. Oh let the children of the Church lay afide worldly wea- pons, clamour, reviling, revenging fpeeches or actions; and betake thernfelves to the weapons of the Church, prayers, teares, patience, weapons mighty under God. The power of a Chriflian is patience, whomuff over- come evill withgoodneffe. I V. In that Chriff is the true Sampfon, heere is much confolation, and many comforts to the Ifrael of God. r. Comfort. As Sampfn revenged the wrongofferedhim in his wife:So will Chrifl : Mat.25. In thatyee did it to one ofthefe little ones, yea didit to mee. And though Sampfons wife may be taken from him and given to another : Chrifls cannot. Inh. 10.28. noneJhall plrackthem out ofmy band. 2. Comfort. Amightier deliverer is heere then Sampfon for Ifrael. For, r. Though Sampfon was prong to overcome a Lyon : our