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6z Vfe. s. - InGods cat:fe contcmnc gtea- teí} perill. Injufru Dei,pi'i- vate a, etfu. And prepare for deathap- proaching. David a type ofChrí/1. meanes of thy comfort and firpply, hee can ufeweake and unexpefted meanest onely walke in thy calling, and the rocke (hall yeeld thee water rather then thou Galt be deft itute in Godsway, or worke. V. In both Iearne to contemne the greateft and ex- creameft perill in Gods caufes. Sampfon offered him- felfe to death, fodid Chrift ; heewent out to meet his enemies, fo muff thou learnt not to love thy life to the death, Revel. 12.n. and with Pail, not count thy life deare to firai(h thy courfewith joy. For a man to thrall him felfc in hazard, or venture his-life -without warrant fromGod,or by hid ovine private motion, is raffi : but God calling, in ftanding againft the enemies of the Church, it is honourable. Inboth,learne toprepare for death ap- proaching, by faithfull and fervent prayer. So didboth thefe Sampfons. And the iffue will bee comfortable as theirs ; that all thy lifeand combat (hall not give fuch an overthrow to thy enemiesas fuch a death, though ene- mies feeme never fomuch toprevaile. Five things fpecified in which David was a type of CJwift. CHAP. X. 9. David a typeofChr? in 1. refpeEts. Sall the Kings ofIfraei were expreffe types ofje- fus Chrift, the headof his Kingdome and of all the people of God, as they in their times were : So were there two of them that were moremanifeft fi- gures of him thenall the reit ; I meane David and Solo - mon. Of both which wee are to enquire wherein the refemblance confifteth. David was fofpecialla typeof Chrift, as fcarce is any thing notedof Chrift, but fome (hallowof it might be obfervcdinDavid. T. For