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6+ David a.type cfOriji. Pfal.i3,qq., Foure graces wherein David and Cirift ex- celled. confilium, fine fortitudine& neagnanæmitate, ¡woe. furreaion, & afcenfion, fending the Spirit & the Gofpel, And as 'David added fome of the borderers to the king- dome of lfrael, as himfelfe faith flraners were fub- dued to him : So the true Davidadds to the Church the wholebodyofthe Gentiles ; and bath by the preaching of the Gofpel ( the fwordofhis mouth) fubdued the world to himfelfe. The gifts fitting him to this funaion. As when David was anointed , the Spirit of God came upon hire, 1. Sam, t 6.1 3. and fitted him to the gavernenient of Gods people : So our true David Je- fus Chrift, anointed with oyle above all his fellowes, had the Spirit of Goddefcending upon him in a vifi- ble fhape, and by that anointing filled, and furnifhed with the Spirit, and all needful' graces for the admini- flring of his Kingdome. 5. A s Davidwas preferred above all his brethren in foure fpeciall graces : So was Jefus Chrift aboveDavid himfelfe. i . In wifedome and prudence, r .Sarre. i 6.1 8. the fervants of Said ob- ferved David to bee wife in matters, and the Lordw,u withhim: and Chap. i 8. verfe 14,15'. whenSaulfax, that David was very rife, hee was afraid of hire. Our true David had all treafures of wifedomeand knowledge ; the Spirit ofwifedome and underflanding, the Spirit of counfel reftedupon him, Ifai, i i .z. who is therefore cal- led the great Coaanfeller, Ifai,ç.6. whofecounfels are farre beyond Ahitophels ; his were as the Oracles of God : Chrifts were fa. And our true Davidgets be- yond his type. David in many things (by his owne confcffìon) did very fooli(hly : Our true Davidnever did any thing but the wifedome of God fhined in it; with whom not onely God was, but becaufe bee was God. z, In fortitude and magnanimity (without which counfell were bootlejje) by heewas able to encounter with a Lion, a Beare, with Goliah, and all that rofeup againf}him or his people. A man fitted far peace or warre, withcounfell and itrength. Whole de-, fcription