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Davida typeQfCbrí/1, fcriptiori (in part ) is contain in the forecitedplace, .Sam. 16.18. firorrg, vaiiiait, a mat of warre, awl wifà be matter'. A type of our trueDelvid , who for forti- tude is the invincible Lion of the tribe ofIudali; and not a valiant man em lye, but the gongQod, Ifaip,G, the mighty God. See Tit, a. r 3. 3. In gifts ofpro- phecy. He wasable to fingdivinePfal es,and hyr s ,to the praifeof Cad ; an holy pen-man oftheScripture. A typeof Chrif&, the true Prophet of hisChurch, not a pen-roan, but the Authour of all the holy Scriptures. Dawida Prophet : Chrifl theLordofall holy Prophets. 4. In gifts oftrue fanai1iication and clinerfe ; being a sanaification man after Gods own° heart, commended for his up- eminent in righrnef a in all matters, five that oFYriah, A type of Chrift 3.wayes. yefas Chrift; wh© by the devilsconfeflion was the ho- ly One of God. i. Hirnfelfe. being faneì"ifiedbeyond all naeafure. 2. Being the fanaifier ofhis people ; tlae Authour, meritour, and applierof all fanaifyinggraces tohis members, of whom himfelfe is]read. 3. In his type were many foule fpots : Inhire no fpot or items. Therefore the Church fangs out hisholineffe from topp ' to toe, Cant. 5 . to. and concludes his whet y fairewed deleflable, verfe t 6. III. ¶avidwas a type ofChrif} in his warren. 3 Pita in refpea of his followers, fecondly ofhis ene- Warres. mien, thirdly of his vi6tories. i. His followers. David had a traine. i . OF poore men, and received Follorers, fuchto him as were in debt, t.Sam,zs..z. The Sonneof David had a poere traine; and not received) onely, hut calleth all unto him that are heavy laden with the hue- then offnnes,ealled debts, promifinghe will eafe them. z. Afterwards Davidhad his thirty feven Worthies, that valiantly fought his battells, a.Sam. z 3. and by their f#rength carried wonderfirll victories : So had theSonne of David his twelve Apoílïles, andfeventytwodifci- plcs, who as worthy and font Champions, fought the F Lords