Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

66 Enemies: open and fecrer. David a tyke of chrift. Lords fpirituallbattells, and mightily fubduedthe world under the government of 7 efus Chritt , in whole place are fucceeded paftors and teachers to the end. 2. His enemies. T. Open and manifeft,not onelyGoliah that defied all Ifrael, but Sax/ that calts a fpeare at him, that hunts hire as a Partridge, that feeds out for him to bring him to death, and the houfeofSaul, Shimei ray- ling on him, and curlinghimwithan horrible curie, be- fides Amalekites, Philiftims,&c. So our Lord jefus had open hoftility againft the great Gaáiah ofhell, and en- counteredhim hand tohand , and conquers him in the wilderneffe. But Herod hunts his lifeevery where, the Pharifees revile him for adeceiver and Demoniack, fend out for him to take away his life, and the people ofthe Jewspurfuing himwith all open hatred and hoftility even to the death , and all the wicked tyrants and ene- mies as fo many AmalekitesandPhilif}ims. z. Secret andunderhand enemies, that fhoutd havebeetle loyall and loving tohim, even his ownepeople that flattered himwith their mouths, but imagined mrfchiefe againft him,Pfa.4 r.9. Such as Doeg, Achitophel. Nay he which eat bread with him at his table, his familiar that went up to the houfe ofGod with him. And more thenall this, he that came out ofhis owne loynes,hisowne fon Abfalonm;beßdes the connes of his father, a Sam. 17.2.g. So our true David had not onely hisowne Jewes and brethrenhatinghimwith an horrible hatred, and cal- linghisblood upon themfelves ; but his owneDifciple that had Beene fo familiar with him, that went to the houfeofGod oftenwith him, that knew all his haunts and waies, betraying him, And delivering him to bee crucified. And thus Chrift himfelfe expounds that in Pfalme 41.9. ofhimfelfe and Iudas, Luk, 22.Z1. And therefore Interpretors expound fuch execrations, as Pfa.59.13. Confome them that they 6e no more,. not fo much litterally againft Saul and other enemiesof 9avid; as