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David a type ofOrig. as again({ the jewes and enemies ofChrift (badowed by them; and Co conceive them as they be Prophetical!pre- dicftions ofJeruCalem and the jewes forty yeares after Chrifts afcenfon, and ofthe prefent wrath upon the har- dened Jewes, whore hatred againft Chrift liveth at this day, as the curie liveth on them. 3. His deli- verances andvictories, with many of which the Lord honoured him. As Saul layes wait every where to take him, and purfues him from place to place ; but Da- vid, feet were made like Hinds feet in expedition toavoid hisenemy whether Saidor At falom; who cha- fedhim as hunters thefilly hare, and he efcapes them all though narrowly and flrangely. Chrift Jeff's was often fought after and laid forby his enemies, no kind offnare was undevifed to take him in his talke, in his doarine, in his life and converfatioi ; no meanes unatrempted to take his perfon, but bee efeaped their hands ftrangely. Sometimeshe went through the midit ofthem all, who having ftrong purpofe yet had no power to take him, till the time was come that he delivered himfelfe. 2. Saul having wearied himfelfe inpurfuit of David, fens meffengers to take him three feverall times, i Sam. 19.20. but theyamong a company ofProphets began to prophecy, the fpirit of the Lord comming upon them, and theywent without him. So the Pharifees fent mef- fengers to apprehendChrift and bring him before them; but comming to him (as Saul, meffengers to David) and hearing his gracious words, had no power to take him;but went away preaching andproclaiming (as they prophesying) never man fpake like this man, Ich. 7.46. 3. In thecompanion between Saul andDavid(David havingElaine Goliah)was fung Saul bath flame leis thou- find, but Davidhis ten thou/and,' ,Sam,I 8.I0. But there is nocomparifon betweene the vje}ories ofDavid,and ofthis formeofDavid, whohath Elaine thegreat Goliih the Devill who defied all the hoft ofifrael; and not de- F 2 ftroyed 67 ViEtorics.