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70 Vfc. t . Enter upon no office without afifLanceof the Spirit. A noteof it. Rorn.8.g< David a type ofchrill. fmnelsa favour ofreft. I. As the fpirit ofGod came on David after his anoynting, r.Sana.tb. i 3: So did it on our true David after his baptizing : to fir them to their weighty offices. Learne r. That he that is not fitted and furnifhed with gifts ofthe fpirit in fore meafure, and attempteth any office inthe Church or commonwealth, is not called by God; whole wiftiome will not fend ablind man for a feer, nor a dumbman onhis meffage or errand. Would a man knowwhether bee have received of this fpirit for his office? A note is, when God ftirres up his will in that office to performs all thedefine ofGod.1/4.44., 8, he faith to Cyrus : Thou art myfhepheard, thou!haltperforms allmy defrre. The Magif}rate is a fhepheard; hemuft doe in judgement what God himfelfe would doe in repref- fing vice, and cherifhing religion, elfe the fpirit (who is not contrary to himfelfe) leads him not. The Minifter is a fhepheard ; hee mutt fpeake nothing but what God would fpeake for the incouragingofgrace, and difgrace of finne and timers. God (peaks peace to his people and feeds the impenitent with judgement, and he that in his rninifl erydoth fpeake f'weetly to wicked men, and broaeheth a veffell ofgall and wormewood for godly men to drinke, is not tent byGod on that errand : hee croffeth the fpirit which bee pretendeth. z. Art thou a private Chriftian, fee that the fame fpirit ref} on thee, and that thouhaft received ofthe fame anoynting. For . he that bath not the fpirit, is none ofChrifis : and 2. what is it to us that the fpirit reft and light upon Chrif}, ifhe fhould determine all his fruits and graces upon him?But in that the fweete oyntment and Balfame poured upon thehead ofour high Prieft manes downe to the skirt ofhisgarment, that is, to the loweft member ofhis Church, 'fa, i 3 3.2, hence are we aveetly and ad- mirably refrefhed. Findeft thou em.ptinetfe or want of grace?fiy to this fulneffe,but obferve thediverfe manner. To