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David a type oflrig. To the head is given the fpirit in all ftrine1fe: to us mem- bers, ofthatfulneffe, Ioh. Li 6. To him beyond all mea- fure:to usaccording tomeafure. I I. That jefiis Chrill is the right and undoubted KingofhisChurch, ofwhomDavidwas buta fhadow. And it will be worth our labour to enquire how farre the troth exceeds the type. 1. For originali, Davids kingdome andall other Kings and kingdomes are me- diately frommen, either from fome meane family, as Jffais,orfome greater houfe in fome corner ofthe earth: But the kingdome of aria is irnmediatly and un- changeably fromheaven. Dan. z. 44. the God of heaven gall raife up al kngdeme,that is immediately; for mediat- i ly all kingdomes,Kings, and power is from him. 2. Ire refpeél ofunaion. All they areannoynted. 1. bymen, 2. withmateriali oyle. 3. tobe temporary Saviours. 4 from temporary dangers.But Chrifks annoynting was by the Spirit of God, with more divine and excellent oyle aboveallhùfellotres, Pfa1.45.7. that hemight be a fpirituall and eternall'Saviour; a Jeftis Paving his people from their hones, and fuch fpirituall evills as pertain to the life to come. ;. Their titles are flately and glo- rious. David as an Angell of God, as the woman of' Tekoah faid, fo Czfar Auguftus; Charles the great, Con- fiantine &Alexander thegreat, to let out their glory. But all thefe are nothing to the true and undoubted tide of Jefus Chrill : who is King of Icings andLordofLords, Rev, r 9.16. And if this were too little he bath another, for he is Godandman in one Perfon: our Immanuel, a flyle toohigh for Pope or Potentate, for men or Angels, ifaj 7.14. 4. Their Scepters areof metal, gold or lilyer, which they hold in their hands,and by them they fave or flay innocent or nocent : But his Scepter is but verbal!, whichhe holds inhis mouth, theword andbreath of his mouthmorepure then thegold of Ophir, more potent then all the Scepters ofall Kings put together: By this F 4 he ire. Z. Chrift the true King of :he Church. And9. wales more excellent thenDavid 1. Original!. 2. Vnaion. 3 Titles. Rexmg/7,6, Do- minus dominan- tiuna. scepters. Rev.tg.i S.