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David a type ofGhrj. heHayesthe wicked.Ho f6.5.Iflew then with the wardof my mouth. 2.Thef. 2..8. he Thal!flay that wickedmass of finnewith thebreath ofhis mouth. Other Kings by their Scepters can kill men, but cannot make them alive a- gaine when they have done: but Chrift by his word can quicken and make alivedead foules and bodies. Theyby theirs can be dreadfull to men:Chrift byhis drives backe devils,difcafes, death, and all adverfary power. S. In port and Bare. I. Their banners and cnfignes ex- preífe their noble ads, and the honourable exployts of them and their progenitors, which are glorious in the eyes ofmen : Chriffs bannerfor his kingdomeof grace is his Croie, or rather the Gofpell, a doctrine of the Croffe, to the world foolithneffeorbafenefl'e; but inhis kingdome ofglory, thefive ofthe formeofman,that is, fuch glory andpower as agreesto none elfe. 2: Their fervants and attendants mutt be rich, ftately, noble, and the fonnes of' great Princes mu(} be neareft to attend them : Chrift jefus (in contempt ofwhat the world ad- mireth)will havehis fervants poore, meeke, lowly ; not fuch lofty Lords as fo farre excell the Emperour in worldly glory as the Sunne the Moone,the Popes ridicu- lous claime andyet they be fonnes ofGod, heires of heaven, brethrenof Chrift, and ofthe royalleft blood that ever was. 3 . When they ride in progreffe, they thew their fiate, pompe, and worldly glory. Great 4lexaader gets upon his Bucepha! .r: Pompey triumphs upon an Elephant : Anthony rides upanLyons, Aurelia- nur upon Harts and bucks. Chtift (had his kingdome beene ofthis world) could have imitated them. But whilehe was in the world (to thew that his kingdome had no fitnilitude nor correfpondency with the pomps of earthly kingdomes) in his progretfe bee gets on an affe, and infteadof a faddleof fate he had poore mens clothes fpread under him. But when he (hall thew his glory, he (hall ride upon the Clouds as on an horfe with fuch