Tailor - Houston-Packer Collection BT225 .T37 1635

David 4 tyke of Cbql. fuch attendants and majefly ás all the Potentates on earth were never capableof, nor fhalbe able to behold. 6. In amplitudeand abfolutenetl'e. They will be free Monarchs and commanders, their will and everyword of theirs naafi be a Láw : But never was any kingdome abfolutely Monarchicall butChrit}s,al earthly Kings ever held in feeofhim.By me Kings raigne. Neverany other included all lcingdomes ofthe world in it, and under it, but this. Never any to whom all Princes were frabie!, but this, Never was there anyofthemwhich (hall not bebroken to peeces by this little f}oue, ifit fland in op. pofition against him,Dan. i. 4 S. 7. In difpenfing juftice. I. They mutt judge by evidence andproofe, by the fight oftheir eyes, and hearingof their cares, but he 'hall not doe fo,lfa. i 1.3. For he shall tryand difcerne the reynes,and fecrets ofall hearts,and all judge things as they be,not as they feeme. Davidjudged according to the hearingof his eare, rafhly against Mephibfbetb Chrif} thall not doe fo. 2. They can pronounce their fubjecns juft and innocent : but he can make them inno- cent and játt, communicating his owne righteoufneffe to them,which no Princecandoe. s .Cor. z .30. He is made to Am righteoisfncfe. 8. In meanes ofupholding and maintaining. r . They .mutt winne holds, as .D,rvid Sions fort, and enlarge themfelves by force of armes, dint offword,multitude offouldiers : But Chrifi fends. but twelveunarmed pore men, whowonneand lb- dued the whole world with the word onelyin their mouths, fuch aword as was the greateft enemy to the world, and corrupt fafliions of it. This is theweapons mighty under ]Cod to call down holds. 2. They, if they want men, money, munition, muff defpaire ofat- tainingor retaining their rights : But Chritis kiñgdhme, (being neither fet up, nor held up by military power) 1hallbe upheld by the invifible and fecret power of the fpirit. Ifall worldly power be againft it never defpaire, it 6. Abfolutene(re. Prov.8.iS Iuf}ice7 Exallegatis& protatys. 8. Meanes ofup holding it. z.Cor.10.4.