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CHAF.z.S. 84 Ourperfe&ion here is a fenfe. & (Safeagainit imperfations. Aug.de temp. ferm.}9. No Church on <:.rth f well adored as that it need notfur- ther reforma- tion. c. 4Commentarie upon the flefh toendure the Lords yoke; the bufines, and curiofitieof mans wit andflefhly wifedom,whichwill be adding, detrabting,ordeprauing his inftitutions by a refiles turkifingof them : the flareof the Churchmili- tant, now here now there, exercifed with continuall viciflitudes , and changes ( as of day andnight) Co of profperitie,and aduerftcie,according as God glues Kingsouer it , either in mercie , or wrath, protebtors, or perfecutors:ail thete plainely prooue, that which is not obfcurelpimpli- ed, that the bell things in their bell etlate, areon thebending hand, and inclining veto corruption. Vfe. z. This point letteth vs feeour imperfedtion in this world , and that all our perfeblion flandeth in two things, a. in fight of imperfc6li- on: a. in (+rifevntoperfeblion. For that the Church cannot be.perfe6t,is manifetl in the continual) dechnings ofvs that are the members. Which fhouldmake vs afhanted, whenwe fee our turnings backedaily reproo- uingvs. The Lord ifhis pleafure had been fuch, might haueas perfeblly beautifiedand ilablifhedhis Church in earth, as euer it fhall be in hea- ven: buthee feeth it fitter for vs, tobeebrought to anhumble walking before him, in fenfe ofour infirmitie;as allo daily to repaire vino him, who is both the author and finifher of our faith ; that he would bee plea- fed to layas the firfl, fo the lafl floueof this his building, that the whole praifeof it may behis. Vfe. 2. They may hence fee their error,that conceine ofany Church inearth fo well fetled, and ordered, that it needeth no further reforma- tion littleknow (itch theneceflcie of the Church, and the eontinuall bendingseueoof the firongefl towers. Seewee not that almofi euerie yeare requ res a newParliament for theordering ofthe commonwealth, that newdifordersmay be reflrained, or redreffed by new lawes? do we fee any man let hishoole, but fromyearto yeare,buc he will furely bind the tenant to conflant reparation, as often as need shall require ? and yet inconfîderatemen can boldly, and bluntly bolt out ; they meruailewhat men mean that feeke for more and further reformation, and they can- not tell what they wouldhaue. But alas,are we fo taeare God,aswe can- not poflibly be drawne nearer? what meane then the common blafphe- naings, drunkennes ,fornications,riots,Sabbath breakings,and what fins not.? committed almoft withoutall feare?what meaneth it that fuckdens and breaches arevnmadevp, but that hogge and fwine may enter into the prefence chamber of the great King? Let the firongman keepe there holds, we (hall fee all theearth fit gill enough. But eafilymay we in e- uery particular member,fee-theneceffity ofdaily firengrhning the whole againft fuch daily declining, as the firfl and purefl Primitiue Churches planted by theApoflles themfeluescouldnot free themfelues from ; and much r