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CHAP.I.6. 118 Epb.6.i 4 5 t.King.z.ly. Lak.a.rt. Gea.za. Philip.s.8. :iuth.r.t¢.ae. Theca.re of l ewdnes in Fons is often the in, durneuce of pascoin. A Comtnentarie vpen the nothing of chat inflin6t which the Lord (for the cotillionofgraceleffe children) bath put in forceof thebruit creatures théfelues towards their breeders. 3. This is the fin i commaundement with promife, that is, with fpeciall promife ofbleffedneffe to the obferuer. The fecoud commande- ment bath a generals promife to the keepers ofche law in general;bucno commanciement hach a fpeciall promife annexed but the fifth;and there- fore the Lord looketh it fhouldmore efpecially be refpeEted. 4. The ta- king vp of this dutie will be away and uteanes towipe away the future teares and griefe of their parents in their owne ruine,yeaa foundation & ground of the glorie oftheirfather, and the ioy oftheir mother; and be- tides a feed of the obedience of their owne children to chemfelues, if in time to comeGod fhail voucbfafe them any : for it is iutl withGod that lewd children,who haue bin the rottennesof their parents bones,fhould themfelues be plagued wich rebellious and lewde children. 5. Lookvp- on examples : Salomon bowed to hismother, though he was a King and aboue her in the throne, yet he let her at his right hand nay, the true Salomoa, ChriAhimfelfe, is laid to be obedient to hisparents : notablewas the obedienceof Ifaac,euen to the knife in the handof his father , and a liueiy type ofChrifl, who was obedient tohis beauenly father, and that vnto the death. Whereas on thecontrarie, difobedientchildren neuer e- leapedvnpunifhed, as in the examples of Cham, eflbfolom, Reuben,Hoph- ni, Phineas, eflbimelech, and marry others, as wee might plentifully ex- plaine. And looke what duty the Lord requireth to naturaliParents, the like allo is due to thofe who are in lead offathers and mothers,' as flep. fathers,tucors, mailers; Roth loued Naomihcr mother in law, and claue .vnto her as veto her owne mother: the formes of theProphets obeyed their matters as their owoe fathers ; Elifhafpake of Eliah , myfather, my father,a.Kin.2.1 a.this leffon ifit were fo heedfully regarded as it might, would beoffpeciall vie in this place, aboue all other in the land betides, wherein fo manyyouth mifcarrie, euen for this; becaufe they cal offthe yoke, and willingly know no dune nor fubie%on to fuperiours,tutors, and thofe who are in lead of parents veto them. Thefecond point here tobe noted, is, That rhecaasfe oflewdenes offoes hfor themoft part, t heindulgence orother scant ofgouernment in the Parents: for this the Apoflle implyeth, whenhe meafureth the ficneffe of the fa- thers gouernement by the carriage of the children r for can fathers let their reine loofe to liberty and licentioufneffe, and the formes feeling the reine in their ueckes not renne riot at their pleafure, and fling out & kicke likea colt in a fat pailure, knowing neither owner nor feeder? and do not many fathers deferue, tohaue their tics plucked out by their chil- dren, who for want ofgouernement, taufe their childrens eies tobe pic- ked