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CHAP. Commentarie vpex the ia6 typeand vnfailingpatterne ofall faithfulnes ; we than clearelyfee that here'sn.he approouedhis faithfulnes to him that appointed him : for his whole doîlrine,himfel feaffirmeth it was not his but his Fathers,Ioh.7.1f6. and that he gaue to his Difciples, and fo by them to all beleeuers, the words which his Father gaue to him, Ioh.t 7.8. And for his worker, he did nothingofhimfelfe,but as his Father taught him,Ioh.8.a8.and for both, he let himfelfe an inimitable coppievnto all the feruants of his houfe. Mofes indeed was faithfull in all the houfe ofGod as a feruant,and here- in his faithfulnes appeared,that he did and caufed all things to be done Heb.js. in the tabernacle according to thepatterne:but Chrilt as the Sonne, was faithful] not in anothers,as Mofes was;but as a Lord in his owne houle, goeth before Mofes and all other his feruants, g 3. He muti diliribute 4l1his mafters allowance, elle is he a theife and anvniuf}Reward. Hemuftkeepe nothing bscke,but definer the whole counfell ofG©d; and then ifany within the houfe die for want of meare, the fault is not in the fieward, who nicafured them out their portion; and deliucred faithfully that whole truth ofGodneceffary to faluation; Aá2041. but their blood is vpon their owneheads in that they refufed that food which the fieward dilpenfedveto them. All which branches of faithful- rtes if they be not performed , affuredly the day con:meth wherein the vnfaithfulneffe ofeuery fuels offender !$all be difeoucred.Many eyes are vnto theefor theprefent whoart vnfaithfull in Gods houfe :Satanseie to accufe thee, the eyeofthy owncon fcience to condcmne thee: Gods eye pral. :; .to, to reuenge thy fin vpon thee:all there eyes are waking inough to difco- - uer thee:yea as many voices in that day of theLord fhal be lifted vp like fo many trumpets againli thee,who by vnfaithfulnes haft wronged fo many:oh that men would remember end beforehand confider what a fearefull cry and loud noife, thevoiceof theblood ofwhole townes, & congregations perifhed and famifhed for want of the food of their foules, will make in the cares of theLord,crying for vengeance againfi idle,andnonrefidentMiniliers , whole fume fhall not be hid, if either fuels watchful! eyes,or Inch loud voicescan difcouer the fame. Thefccond Secoidly, this Reward ofGodmutt be wife as well as faithfull: this Nro tie ofa principally gs. a.Ina wife forecaft and ynod Reward: wifedome (iandeth in two thin a.nc in prouifion ofnecelfartes before hand,that he may be able tobringout of t.focccaftrng. his ftorewen things as the neceflìties ofthe houfeThal require:together with a plottingand-contriuing toput forthhisMailersgoods to thebell Lak.re,y. profit: for elfealthough he intendneuer fo tauch faithfuhteffe, yet (hall a.nifi,enfin in be norauoide the accufation of a wafter of his mafters good;. a. In a `o ,.. ffort. wife difpeufation ofthings fo prouided; and this i. induefort. a. in due meaftrre, 3. indue feafoso. Firft,in duefort, prouiding courier meat to