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Epißl: ofS. PaultoTitta. CHAP. 1.7. feruants then to fonnes:tlronger meat for men ofyeares then for chit- i x 27 dren.No wife íleward would tet mincebefore thong labourers, & beefe bones before fucking children:fo the miui(ler as awife Rewardmu(l co- Eiderthe age ofmen in Chrift, whether men be weake or Rrong Chri(}i- ans; and accordingly apply himfelfe tofeede them with milke , or lead them to (( ronger net : fo whether he be todeale with men wicked or godly, that hemay fa courfer meateof threats and judgements before the former;and finer and fweeter dainties ofprornifes and blef(ìngs be- fore the latter : fo alto whether they be ficke or found , that if they be difeafed or of lacke confciences, he may beak them; if dangeroufly wounded by Satans temptations,hemay faine them; ifbroken hearted, , he may help tobind them vp. Which point of wifdome where it is wan- tingor negtec`led by the Minifter,he laieth himfelfe open to that fearful woe, Ezech. 34. 4.Second(y,in due meafure: (omeneede more promi- ,,meacre, fes,fome more threatnings;he muff be wife not to exceed the meafure in either:for thus he (hat make fuch wanton who (hould rather bekept un- der, by fpeakingpeace to whom it belongeth not ; as allo make their hearts beanie and fad, whom the Lord wouldhaue lightened and com- forted. And this is made the worke ofthe faithfull and wile Reward, to glue euery man his portion, both for quantity andquality. Thirdly this 3rearon. portionmull be giuen in duefeafon: this due feafon the Apoule hath ex- Luk.it. i. pounded to be infeafon, and ant offeafon, that is,iníantly, importunate- ly , watching all good cc-cations hereunto; not once a quarter, nor once a moneth, nor fo often as men lhall (ay they neede, who for moll part bane loft their flomacke and appetite hereunto; but euen fo infantly , as his mallet can neuer come but he may find himfo doing, Luk, t 2.43. and blcffcd (hall onely filch feruants be whereas on the contrarie,ifthe ma- Rer (hall command to giue his family their dailymeales in order,and the Reward of the houle ihould glue them but one meale in a moneth ,and fo Rarue vp his Lords feruants, were he not worthy tobole fo many liues,(as if he had fo many)as he fuffred to perifhby flaming them ? t'fe.r. The Papitlsmittake thiscalling ,who in the ordinationoftheir Preitls,makemention of offering,ma(Ting,and daily facrificiog, but nor a word of this maindutie offeeding, dilributing,and difpenfing,which isthe proper work; of aReward. a, This doarine (heweth what a (quare and farnifhed man he had z: is n^t euery neede bc,who mutt Randunder f itch a burthen as this is;which made the one that can ApoGleaslce the queRion,whoiefmfficienafor theft things ? not tuery one ^ttaììnìnrthac ìs fit for tkils that can runne and ride, or can make meanea to vet a liuin g , norhe that caning. cannot deuife waies inough riotouflyto wall the Churches patrimónie: but filch as are fitted with the callingofCod, andgifts of faithfulnet`fe, Non fidcli> hxc dilpenratio led ctudclis dill'ipp.. tioc(LBcrn. and