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CrrAP.t.7. Ib8 Menmug fo ac- count ofthem as difi+enfers of Gods mylkries Loh f.8. And not reft nil they haue their matters whole allowance from them. cí4 Comrneng4rie vponthe and wifedome: lec our formes of theProphets confider what they are to be called vnto, and apply God by their prayers, for their Ftnefle there- unto. 3. Let people hence learne how toefleeme of Miriflers ; even as of Gods flewards, t.Cor.4. 1. Let men fe efleeme ofvr , 6-c. neither two highly,leaft Godsglory in the miniffrie be obfcured ; not too barely, 'call theminiflry it felfebe conténed.They arenot the light, but fuch as teflifie of ìt: nor theauthors,but fuck as peopiemuft feeke vnto, andde- pendvpon for the foodoftheir foules:that looke as when the faminewas ouer the land of Egypt , Iofeph opened all the kings florehogfes, and fold to relceuc the Egyptians; euen fomull the miniflers in timeoffpiri- tuall dearth, fet open theLords granaries to releiue his people from the famineoftheir Conies. Thus this title teacheth men tocoucelue of their miniflers, as the difpenfersofmyflerie.r, which are tisingsotherwife Isard to comeby: anddifpofers of the manifold grater of Clod, t. Pet. 4. 1 o. The i'tewardwe know hath all things vnder his hand, and holdeth them vnderlocke andkey, fo as without him no man can come to any thing. But howmany thus efleesne of them? the filly fheepe dependeth on the fheepheard, for elfe could they not fold, feed, and fende themfelues:yea the oxeand aflc knowe their owner, andcribbe: but mengenerally are without vnderflanding toacknowledge thefe feeders. 4. Let men learne withmore diligence to attend on the tr.iniflerie, and not be fatisfied,till they haue thewhole counfell of God necefiary to their faluation,rcuealed vnto them: let them call vpon their Rewards andvrge them to faithfulnes.There is ¡so feruant but hemay & will look for that whole portionwhich he knowethhis maf}er alloweth him; and cannot abide that the fleward fhould gain any thingby him:oh that men would call for their portion in heavenly things allo, or that they would, receiuc it, beeing forced and thruft vpon them. But the Lord feeth the contempt ofhis manna and therefore hebath withdrawne it fromma- ny places: and in other haue made it to rotte and confume, euen in the mouthsofmany,to their further hardningand damnation :and yet with- holdeth it frommany people,who arenot wife-hearted to enquire after it; who ifthey could call vnto the Lord with faith and feeling of their want,chat grace of his which feedeth thevery rauens when they call vp- on him,would furnifh themwith a feafonable fupply. The fecond thing in this similitude to becoufidered, is the forceofthe argument, which is this; That becaufe euery miniffer is called toa place fo ncere the Lord as to be his fleward, therefore hemull be vnblamea- ble.Where wehaue the groundofanother inflrudliou. Aaár. Euery man as he is nearervnto God inplace , mull be fomuch the