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I CHAP.I.7. ACommentarie vponthse t î ly, (hall be culpable of iudgement; yea, and when we arecommanded to eph 416. beangry andfnne not, it is plaine that not anger, but the finnefulnef'e of it is condemned. Que,9. Inwhat refpe& then is it here prohibited? Anf. So farre as it How farre itis is not rightly grounded, or not rightly boundedand moderated : for in prohibited, the right orderingof this affe&ion diuerfe offend di uerfly. Some there espr. are,who are not fo Toonemooued to anger, but beeing fo, their anger is bitter & long abiding, the paflïonworking in them as fire doth in yron, rum. which is long in heating,and longer in cooling.Some are implacably an- gry, wholepatience beeing once mooued and broken, they are hardly e- uer reconciled; the paillon in thefe is as fire hid in fome mouldring mat- ter, but neuet bewraying it felle, without the ruine and wall ofthe thing it bathcaught : neither of thefe two rightly bound their anger, but it retied) in the bofome offooles.Thereare a third fort ofmen,whoare ea- fily ouercome of the paillon , not mooned hereunto vpon iuíi caufe , as whenGods gloryis impaired, or the caufe waighty : but fuddenly for e- uery trifle, and vpon euery diflike, whole paillon worketh as fire in flub- ble, Toone in and bone out: thefe are herenoted in theword vied by the Apoflie, menof íhort fpirits, foWile, and teaflie,as they feldome Tooke Neither nett'. to theright grounding and footingofthis affeetion.The thing then here rail, nor nn- &ifica,Fnccnr condemned, is not fomuchanger, as haflinelfe toanger, which is a dif- rupt anger eon. ordernot onely reprooued in the Mintier ( for euery where it is a vice) demnej' but Salomon generally to all Bee not asha ie irittobeean- E«le5.y.tt. 1 g Y of i /p gry. Hatines to an- `lolfr. Hotlines or proneneffeto anger,is a great enemievnto the mi- en.a great blot niflerie, and fucha blot as may not appeare in him, who is to be-admit- ina Mimficr. ted into that calling : which propofition mull not fo be vnderflood, as that euery bailie man is tobe debarred from the miniflerie(for this infir- mitie will dwell with the bell) but fheweth,that he that ordinarily is fo fietie and furious, as euen fmall trifling occafions inflame him;and here- in is fo farre from crofling andcurbing his corruption, as that he rather followeth and follereth it: this man is vtcerly vnfit for the mini aerie. Reafonr. For, I. wheras a minifier ought to be a man ofiudgment,knowledge, and vnderflanding ( for thefe are moli effentiall vnto his calling) yea,a manoffuch wifedome,as whereby all his a&ions minilleriall and com- mon fhould be ordered ; this flafhina anger ouerturneth for theprefent, yea and drowneth all his iudgement: for what other is it then a litle fury, Ira fnrorbee. and a fhort madneffe? which the wife manhad well obferued, whenhe une&Horas, faid, that whereas the wifemanordereth alibis works with judgement, anger reeled) in thebofome offooles: and where it refleth it ruleth,fo as there is no place for wifedeliberation.; but a rafhcarriage ofmatters ac- cor-