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Efii?le o.' S. Paulto Titus. CHAP.I.7. ; cording to the beam and heady violence. of the di(iempered affebtion, xis Not vnfitly therefore doth the fame Salomon note, that he that is flowe to P"'"4."4* wrath, isofgreat wifedome, and that he that it hafie to anger , committed, follie. Secondly, the pcflilent effeas and&tits of anger , and the naturali y daughters refembling themocher are fnch,as in a Minifer ofall men are intolerable : as, fwelliugof the minde fo high, and fo full as there is no roome for good motions, andmeditations(which(head wholly take vp the miniflets heart) to dwell by it : the often arming of Gods enemies, Prou and harming and woundingofhisfriends: for anger is craaell,andwrath r4. is raging: it cares not for any , nor (pares any that come in theway of it; for wbocanfandbeforeenuie?And from this indignation of heart pro- ceede vfually, impietie againfl God, for all prayers and parts of his t. ?et.37. worflrip are interrupted: contumely againfi men, for the bond oflone is broken ; clamour of(peach, violence ofhands, temeritieofa&ions,lare repentance, and manymoe fuch fympromesofthis defperacedifeafe :for he hath loft all thebridleand moderationof himfelfe : I had almoft laid R w bt ci7deth his reafon, for I thinke Salomon faith no leffe, affirming that loch a man as cannot refraine this reuengfull appetite, is like a citie broken downe, and Prou.:sa$ without walls. Now what gouernement is he worthy of, efpecially in the Churchof God , that ordinarily loofedi all the gouercement of him- felfe? Thirdly,theMini(ler ftanding in the roome and (lead of God , ought 3 ( ifhewould refemble him) tobeamortified man : for till hehaue put off thisfilthy fruitofthefeflf, can he neuer liuely expreffe the vertues of cat.y:v. God, who is aGod of patience, meekenefie,much in compaffron, ílowe to wrath: and much leffe can he fitly flampe and imprint that part of his image on others,yea or teach theta to withftand fuel, hoteand bailie af- feEtions,which fo luddenly furprize and enflame himfelfe. Fourthly, as the Minifler is to be a meanes of reconciling Cod vnto 4. man, fo likewife of mail vnto. man; which commendable duty, an haflie man can neuer ro purpofc performe : nay rather he flirrerh vp aide, and marreth all : whereas Salomon obferueth, that onely he that is flowe_to Prop,rs,ts, wrath, appeafeth flrafe: for this vnruly patfron will difable a man tobeam the truth ofboth the parties indifferently , nor abideth toheare the de- bate,but it will be chundring threats before time fettle to take know- ledge of thematter. Fiftly, this vice preiudiceth all his minifleriall a8ions. I. in his owne heart, For the Minifler thall oftenmeete in his calling with thofe both at home and abroad, who in many things are farre different from him both in iudgeutenr and prat &ife;yea fonte ofweakenes,and others ofob- } 1 4 fling_