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CHAP.I.J. t.BCommetatarie vpoa the 136 Gals.:, a.Tima.a4. No mildnefTe may betray the elot;e of end. Rewx.so. 54.15. Reuss. rThetra.9. lams.». ftinacie, lathingeuen his wholefome do&rine. Now his calling is, and confequently his care íhould be, to gaine thefe to the loue and liking of the truth: to which ende he is not prefently to breake out into anger:for thus he lets them further off, & fcandalizeth fuch as otherwife he might hauewonne; nomore then the Phyfitian is or may beangry, though the weake flomackeofhis patient, loth and caft vp his wholefomephyficke; for that would fet the patient into further diflemper: but fuch'mufi be refloredby thefpirit ofmeekenefe. 2.1n hispeoples hearts, by alienating their loueand affe&ion,which are eafily worne away with the diflaflfull fruits of this haflie anger: let him infiru&, adrnonifh, reprooue, eueri one findeth this euafion, onehe doth in anger, an other not in loue, and fo his whole worke is lot+, and become fruirlelfe : whereas by louing y_ Page hee might haue peirced his people with a permanent and la- fling affe&ion, and wonne better entercainement to all his procee- dings. Yfe. a. All this mull teach the feruant ofthe Lord, tobegentle to all men, aptto teach,fufering the etill, and inflruttingwith meekeneffe the con- trarie minded. Where the Aponte feemeth to conclude him not tobee apt to teach, who is not inclined to a gentle and meekedifpofition ; not that they are to (hew irreligious mildneffe inGods matters,ner to exer- cite fuch patience as canbeare all things, nor fuch lenitie as men fhnuld be flattered,orendured in their finns.For there is a vice which fhroudeth it felfe vnder the maskeofa verrue, and that is a flockifh fenflefueffe or a fufferance of any euill, without any great fenfe ofir,condemned in the Angels of the Church of Thyatira, fuffering the woman Iezabel, and of Pergamue,fufferingthole that maintained the dostrineof Baalam, and ofthe Nicolaitans. But fuch a patient :nature is required, as was in the Paftor ofcbe Church ofEphefue ; Iknowethy workerand patience, andthat thou canft not endure and Beare with them that are euill: hut thou hatefe the dottrine of the Nicolaitans, which I alto hate. The Minifler then mull be patient andfee,. the euill. But what , when he heareth them Route at the word,blafpheme, raileon the Minif+ers ? No: but he mutt inflruf.t them, and fo farceonelyvfe meekenefl'e, as may lead them unto amendement:fowere the Apoules,gentleasanurfewith her little ones, tenderly handling them, but not fuffering them toharme or mifcheife themfelues. Vfe. a. Seeing anger is not only anenemie ro the Minifterie in the Minifter, but in the hearers, let fuch as arefwift to heare, he flowe to wrath, as beeing a great enemie to a teachable rninde ; caufing men to caft off all fuch inftru &ion ascommeth nearethem, orwageth warre againft a.. ny affe&ed luf+s. And this not onely it doth in the wicked, but often in the