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CHAP.I.7. 148 Sine cede& languine pauci, Defcendane re. Ges,& ficca murre cyranni. PCal.6;.r. Gen.9.6. Ier.6d. -t.Tim.6ao. Coueroufncs is a moRbafe fin, cfp^ciailyina Minilier. Reafona. L4Cammentarie vpon the in his place, and maybehis glaffe ofwhatfoeuer condition he be : And who feeth it not vnlawfull for any of Gods people to line inwrath and enmitie, or as we fay like dogs and cats ? but as thechildren of one fa- ther, members ofone bodie,maintainersof one faith, and expedters of one glorie.The fubiectts ofChrifls kingdome areno longer cockatrifes, bafilisks,lyons, but lambs,and as fucking children harmeles and inno- cent: fo faith the ipotlle, the wifedome which is from abone is gentle, peaceable, &c. Which rneetethwith a number ofmen , marked as Caine was with the deuils brand , who was a manflayer from the beginning: who are men of a word and a writ , nay a word and ablowe, if not a (labbe; caring no more in their fury to (pill a man, then to kill a dogue: Inch a blacke image of the deuill is flampt vpon them, as they are pro- fefledenemies tothe image of God, and carenot in how many they can extinguifh it. But fuch bloodie men,whofevalour and fport it is to fight it out andquarrell,are for the nrofl part hit home in carnet[ : and as they are the enemies of the common focieties of men, are by God fuddenly rooted out oftheir fociety, and feidome go to their graues in peace: for the Lordfcattereth thepeople that delight in warre, andthe cruel! andbloodie man liuetb net ont halfehis daies : Hethat Jlreddeth mans blood, by man com- monly his blood itfled: Abnerflaieth Afahel, loab flaieth ei4bner, and Sa- lomon flaieth loab, Notginen tofilthy lucre] This vice of' couetoufneffe is the fifth and late reckoned by the Apofile, ofwhich he would haue theMinifler free. The word noteth luth a one asbeeing greedily let on gaine, andoutward profits,hendeth the greatefl part of his fludie that way; or elfeone that will take any coiufe, v fe any meanes lawful) ór vnlawfull;refufe no occa- fcoo, but out ofeuery thing neuer fo bale and meane,can carne his owne commodity:nomatter what wind it is that bloweth in his profit. But ro grew that all is not gained which is thus gotten,the Apoflls cals it filthygaine or lacre. I. Becaufe this immoderate and vnnaturail affe- ¿lion maketh a manmoil bale and fordid in getting, feruill in keeping, and illiberal[ in expending. z.Becaufe by getting or keeping this gaine, Tome filthy finne or other will cleave to the fingers:as in Achab and lu- dae, couetoufneffe and muncherwere coupled : in Achan and Gehezi,co- uecoulnes and lyingwere combined.In the Prie(ls andProphets of Iere mies time, couetoufneffe, and all manner of iniudice,fromthegreatefb to the leaf( enery one isgiuen teconetoufneffa, from-the Prieff to the Prophet they deale 4p/fly: and no maruell if the rosteof alleuill,be fo fruitful] in all in- 'iquitie. Dotlr. I. The Minïtler of all men midbe free from fach a bale finne as this is, the man of God mull file earthly-mindedneffe, as a firme moft