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Epi/fleofS.Paril to Titua. CHAP.I.7. moll difhonouring his high calling, and difabling him from theduties 149 of it'. Real. r. This vitious afeEiion diflracleth him, and infoldethhim in 1 many impertinent bufinefies, fiealingaway his heart, and caufech the proper duties of his calling to be neglected. Moil fitly did the Apofìle compare the worke ofthe Minifierie ro awarfare,and inferred: this fame reafonágainfl this vice in the perfon of a Minifler ; chat as he which go- eth a warfare Bothnot implicateand entangle himfelfe with theaffaires of this life, but hauingreceiuedhis preffc- money, that he may pleafe his captain forfaketh all the care of wife,children, houle, affaires,& calling, and wholly fixeth his minde and eie vpon the butnes and viélorie : cues fo the Minillea feruing not vnder a Cyrus, or Alexander,but vnder the e- ternal' Sonne of God, ought allo to diuorcehimfelfe from the dtflrac`li- ons for the things of this life, which incomparifon muff beutterly neg- letled.He is in chis warfare rather to expeói dangers,blowes,wounds,to forecafl chete, to prouide for thele; & prepare how to encounter againfl Satan,linne,his ovine andothers finfull lulls:following his captain at the heeles; and incouraging himfelfe hereto,bothwith affurance ofviaory, and the expeélation ofhis pay &penieof lifeeternall.lt was the greatefi eraio peper;t policie, that euer the deuiil watched againli theChurch (as the wofull diuivas,& ñfia experience ofmany ages hath taught vs) toheape exceflìue wealth vpon auocauirma- the Clergie : then was the fludie of the Scriptures, And the care of the "r °' calling laidalde,and was diuerted intoplotting and policie,botlr toget more, and hold that which was gotten : by this Antichri(l came in, here- by he role tohis height,and herebyhe flandeth at this day ; this wealth ioyned with pompe & (late, is that ¶avuswhich troubleth all the parts of the Chriflian world, both the Churches and ciuill Elates , as inmany inlances mightbe declared. Secondly,this vice will make Minifler falfifie the word , turne the 2 truth into a lie,& take fuch a courfe in handling the word,as falll bring meale ro the mill. This was noted in the falfe Prophets to be the manic caufe of falte vifion : Efay (peaking of greedydogges, who could neuer haue enough, malted) this their propeetie,euerie one looketh to hid owne rfa.36 way, and accordingly prophefied for his ovine purpole and aduantage:fo ,tr. Ieremie ioynech thele fumes together, 1er. 5.31 7heProphets prophefre lies, and theTriefls receiue gifts in their handy : and Ezechiel telleth vs, that this fiithie lucre made theProphets fo bate minded, that for verie handfulls of barley, and pekes of bread, forceof them 'would poYlure tie name ofthe Lord,in lying to his people: force ofignorance,by theblin- dingand bewitching ofthis frnne : andothers againfi their knowledge and confcience,powring themfetues out through the deceit of Balaarnr K 3 wa- Ezeeha3.tg.