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Bptflle ofS. Paulto Tiara. CHAR1.7. and for graces efleeme them aboue goods , crauing with Salomon, =49 wifdome before wealth; the Weltingof lacobbefore Efaus pottage. E- fpecially labour to feele the want ofChrift aboue all things;for thishun- ger would flame the other , and worke this effe& ,that while the foole gathereth riches tohimfelfe, and is not rich in God , thy conuerfation (hall either bewithout couetoufnes,or ifat any time thou couer,it (hall Luktaaa be certaine, not vncertaine riches,whichthou maiell treafure vp inhea- uen, and then fend thy heart after them: while the other are fit one- lytofixethe hearts of the profeffors in the earth. Hereunto agreetb that ofPaul,to reioyce in the croffe ofChrift, bywhich the world (hall bee Ga1.614. crucified to thee,aud thouvnto it; for oncebèginne ro reioyce in the things whichhe bath done and fuffred for thee, and thou wilt beginne alto toaccount ofall things as doting in comparifon of him: hereupon the world will beginne to frowne on thee,and hate thee, and then !halt thouwithmore cafe hare it: and thus daily the more thou rifefl with Chrill, the more wilt thou feeke the things that are aboue. 3. col.;.:. Thoumuff goe one fiep further, daily to croffe the afi'esiion direelly. r. by daily feeking the affurance of the pardon of finne. 2. by daily s prayer againfi this finne efpecially. ;.by daily reading theScriptures, 2 which are the (wordof the fpirit rocut off fuch lulls ; wifely obferuing 3 and applying fuchplaces asmoll croffe it. .. by beeing ready to doe 4 good, anddittribute, and exercifing liberali tie vpon all good motions and occafions. So Paul counfelleth rich men to become rich in good works, i.Tim.6.r 8. The earthly munde will fay thefe are hard taskes: but let fuch a one confider, how hard it isfor a couetous richman toget in- Ma419.,3. to the kingdo ,'sfbeauen. Vert. 8. But barberons, one:that louethgoodnefe, rvife,righteous , holy temperate. Now the Apolile proceedech tomake enumeration ofthofe verrues, which in the Minitier are tobe oppofed to the former vices, of which we haue fpoken at large: and chefe verrues are oppoled eitherfpecially, as to couetoufneffe, hofpitalitie; to frowardneffe,loue ofgood things , and men;to drunkenneffe,rvifedome andfobrietie: or elle more generally two other vertues are let againti them all; namely, righteonfneffe in regardof men,andholineffe in refpe6l ofGod, Whence before we come to the particular handling ofthë feuerally as they lie in the verfe,this inflruöli- Doü<r, on is enerall tobe noted; iriot fufficiêt for theMiniflers nei- 71-14-Al 'ntßeL g y > ar, s n > muff not onely then any other Cheifiians tobe free frommanyvices,but for the beauti- tìt free from fyingoftheir place and profeffion,they mull Thine out bymany pofitiue ri'roo}ri of`. graces,to the glorie ofGod, and the gracing of his glorious Golpell,' 1 p f vine an pofitiuever which they teach and profeffe.r.Tim.6.rr. But thonO man of God ,)tie rue:. theft