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Epi fileo fS.Pau/ to Tittle. CHAP.I.8.f gence inpreaching,mdmaking knowne the wayes of God? ohno,here t 161 we cannot fay much: thenI fay, thou fayett not fo much as would haue mooned our Apoflle to have either admitted or permitted fuch in the Mioi;lerie : who requireth that fuch fhouldnot onely benot graceleffe, and wicked,bur gracious perfons,thining in the robes ofpiety and righ. teoufneffe. 2. This do&lrine difcardeth allo anumber that goe vnder the name, and in thenumber ofChriflians; who thinke it Chriflianitie enough to be harmele(fe,ciuill,or neighbourlymen:or ifthey can fay with thePha- rifieI amnot thus and thus,an oppreffer, anvfurer, nor as fuch and fuch precife and nice fellowes, whoare as much hated of them, aseuer were chePublicans of the Pharifies; I paymy Church duties, andgiue eucrie manhis owne: and this is the religion of the common Proteflant. But fuppofe thou wert thus guiltieffe as thou faiefl;yet thou art not yet halfe a Chriflian: for the Apottle Peter writing tobeleeuers, enioyneth them not onely to flie the corruptions that are in the world through lull ; but moreover toíoynevertuewithfaith, and with vertue knowledge, and with 2 Pec.açs. knowledge temperance, and patience, andgodlineffe ; and brotherly kindncffe, and 1oue : and addeth two reafons, 1.Ifthefe thingsbee inyeu, and abound, &c. teaching that without thefe potitiue vertues, all the knowledge of Iefus Chrill, and confequently his profellìon , is idle and vnfruit full. a. if any liaise them not,hee it blind and cannot fee afarre of, andbath forgotten that bee was purged: that is, fuch a one feeth but a little in heauculy things, and little regardech that couering, and curing of (inne goe together: nor that remiflïon andpurging of (inne , goe with fanblification of life, and fludie of weldoing, and confequently can be no Chriflian : which agreeth with Chrifls owne profeffìon, that if any 1011.1.4.5. abide in him, he cannot choofe but bring forthmuch fruir. Againe, it (hall not be inquired in the !aft iudgement,what thou art uot,nor iudg. ment paffe according to that thouhall not; but what art thou? what hall thou ? hall thou received the fpirit of Iefus Chrifi ? if thou hall not the fpirit ofChrill,thou arc noueofhis: hall thou receiued the fruits ofthat fpirit; fuch as are lone, ioy, peace, long- fuffering, gentleneffe,goodnes, Gal.53s faith, meekenes, temperance? Ifany haue the fpirit ofChrill, it is life in him veto righteottfneffe: thcfe (hall thlewe the faith of thy heart, and t hat Rom.8.1a thou arc a found Chriflian, and not in fhewe, as the moil content them- felues tobe. Now tocome neerer the vertue it felfe:the word fignifieth one friend- 00,6,P": lyto(+rangers, and readie to lodge and entertaine them : aduty much X,pentveen commended in the Scriptures veto all Chrillians , asa fweet lrnit of li.. cue in all,cfpe, bcralicie; but unto the Minifler efpecially,as a father and preüdentvnto fiar.y'naMini. L z chè