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CHr,i,8, A Conrmentarie von the t 6 z the flocke. In the precept confider foure points. I. The occafion of it. 2.whether it bindeth eueryMinitier, and how farre. ;. the reafons en- forcing it. 4. the vfe. Firlt, theground of it was thediflreffed eflate and condition of the Church, which by reafon of many tyrants and perfecutors was driven intomany Graights,partly perceiued in prefcnt , and partly forlaene by theprophetical) fpirit of the Apoftle:notonely in the tenne perfecutions then imminent, but allo in the feuerall afiélions in the world, in which they were to finde tribulation cue: to the end of it. For as it is in this a- fpeólibte world, which is fubie6l to fo manychanges andmutarions,be- caufe it aandeth in the viciffitudes ofyeares, moneths,daies,& nights :fo muchmore is it in the fpirituall worldofthe Church; which in the earth is acquainted with her winter as well as fummer, her nights as well as dayes: fometimes the funne ofrighteou(neffe molt comfortably (pining and impartinghis heate and light, by his neereapproach voto her : yea, and fometimes there be two (hones in this firmament :for together with the funne of the Church, the (hone ofthe world affoardeth warme and comfortable dayes,for the fullbeautie,libertie,and glory ofthe Church: But fometimes againe this funnedeparteth in difpleafure, and carieth the funne of the world with him: then is a blacke winter ofthe Church, no_ thing but tiormes,and tempefls,perfecutions,and trialls one in the neck oíanorher,and fcarfe one faire gleamebetweene.Now in fuch times the poore Church is driuen to traucl for refl,and the innocent doueofChrifl cannot finde in herowne landany refs: for the fole of her foote; well may fhe flie abroad to feekeher fecuritie. In all which times eueryChri- tiian is bound by this and fuch like precepts, togive her harbour & fate condu&,till the dafh and dorme be ouer. Befides,fuppofethe Church in general) at her bell ellate;yet the particularmembers acheChurch, are for moli part Poore and ncedie:and eues then fubie& tomany troubles, for keeping the faith andgood confciences,bymeanes whereofthey are often driuen from houle andhome, and fometimeare in banithment and exile, fometime in prifon and bonds:all whom the Lord commendeth to the charitable and Chriliian deuotion ofChriflian men ; andbindeth them to the cheerefull receiuing and releeuingof them in fuch neceflicy: let them be grangers, yet if they be of the hou(holdof faith, theyhaue right toharbour and releefe:.and in the prauilcof this duty,theApoflle requireth that the Minifler be the foreman. Secondly, it will be enquired,whether euery Miniflermuff be harbo- tous andhofpitable ? and if hemua, what (ball become of them whole linings are (carte able to harbour themfelues ; and much more of the fwarmes ofOur renne -poundmen, and very many fcarfe halte that to main I Ground ofho- rpitalitic. II Whether euery Minifler bee bound toho. fpitalitia.