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Epijileof S. Paulto Titus. CHAP.I.8 maintain their familie: it feemeth that cuerie Minifier ought to be a rich 163 than. Anfw.It is not for meto prefcrihe any thing in the Church con flitu- Eue.ryminif}er tionaconcerning Improptiations andNonrefidencie,the former where- enen the pou. ofwere they reltored to theChurch, and the latter remooned out of the 6arbodos.tbe Church,no doubt there were,but that fufficient minifters might be rut i- ciently maintained& furnifhed to hofpitalitie through the land. But this Habettemper I fay,that the poorell Miniller may not exempt himfelfe from this duty, plena p=ás neither is altogetherdifabled from it: a poore mart may be mcrcifull,and habetcharita. comfortable to the dittreffed force way or other as if withPeter and noninue- lohn hehaue not money, nor gold, nor =ate to giue,vet fnch as he hath .1- .datbna he can iue: he can glue counlell ra ers and affoardhis heft affetions: °°t :nuam, g ,p y !ì iconum, fuch cups ofcold water (hall not be vnaccepted nor vnrewarded ofhim, aoxainm,finec codiiio IMAM whole propertie is toaccept a man according to that he hath,and not ac- cording to that he hath not, where he feeth a ready minde. Thus muff r,,to& preci. bus Aqutt.in that place, z.Tim.5.to. be vnderliood, fuch widowes as were tobe re- pfaì..° ceiued into the feruiceof the Church, were to be chofenof fuch as had Aa;s Mah.w.la. beetle hofpitable andharberons. Now in all likelihoodmany of thcm,if .cots.u. not themoil,were verypoore,and hadno great matters to be liberal of: & therfore the Apofile fècmeth in the next words to declare wherin this hofpitalitie might be (hewed, euen hy.luch as hadknowne wanr;natnely ifthey had performed bodily labour vnto them, wafhed the Saints feete, beftowed their bell affeéiious, and chcarefull labour for their releefe: & thus might there poore widowes (like that widow , Ltik. z r.z.) calling in their two mites into Gods tteafurie,findemore acceptance with him, then many rich men in gluing greater beueuolence to the difireffed Saints. Thirdly,the realons enforcing this precept vpon theMinificr efpeci- III ally, are there rtes f na ro en. orce ho t. In regard of llrangers, he mutt take vp this (link, whether they be jvponpMi- flrangers from the faith;that hereby he might winne them to the lout of niüers. true religion,whichthey fee to be fo mercifull and liberall: or elfe it they be conuerted much more,that he may comfort and confirme loch as arc banifhed,or otherwifeeuill entreated for the confefüon and profc filon ofthe truth :for ifcuery Chrillianamuch more mull theMinifler be fife- tied tr-b.r;. : to thole that are in bonds , as though himfelfe were bound with them : and confequently looke what kindneffe he would receiue, if he were in their condition , the fameto his powerhee is to bellowe vpon them. a. In regard of his own=people, vpon whom by this meanes he fea- lethhis do6trine fundry wayes;but efpecially ifhe keepe open houle for L z the