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CHAP.I.8. cí4Commentarie vpon the 164 the poore Chrifians in want, hebindeth the fouler of fuch receiuersto obey the word; andencourageth them by hisentertainment in their en- tertainement of the Gofpel. Which is the reafon rendred by Hzekj4h, why the people magiue the Priefs a portionoftheir offrings,to encore. :.chr.31.4. rage them in the lame ofthe Lord. And thus by both thefe meanes theMi- nifer by receiving the poore members ofChrif{,becommeth a great help veto thecruth:which duty is impofed euenvpon euery Chrifian, by the Apoltle loba; 3. Epif1.8. IV Fourthly, thevfe. r. It teachech that it were to be wifhed, that the maintenance of euery Minifler were competent, certaine, and proper veto himfelfe,that he might haue wherewith to perforate this fo necef- farie a duty. 2 2. In regardofpoore t}rangers, to (titrevp Minifiers and people to a liberal! heart tewardsthem all, but efpecially if they be Inch, as the land Iofb aa,sp. ofwholeowne poffeJons beeing vncleane, come otter Tinto the land of the pop felton ofthe Lord, wherein the Lords tabernacledwelleth. Pittie it is that ha- uing filch a cloud ofexamples in the Scriptures to lead vs in this duty, yet that it fhould be fo farce out ofrequef. How fewe childrenhath 4- Goias. braham the father of our faith among vs , who fit in thedoore oftheir tent, to watchfor andenforce irangers to receiue their belt entertain_ ment ? Few beour Lots, who will vndergoe any loil'e, any indignitie, before (rangers íhall fut}aine any hacine at all : he will offer his owne daughtersto their violence,he will vfereafons,they had knownno man, and that which would haue perfwaded any but the Sodomites he vfed Iob.32,3a. laf , that they were (rangers, and were come vnder his roofe. Few Iebs whowill not fuffer the (ranger' to lodge in the t}reete, but open their tom to::i. doores tohim that paffeth by the way. Gaine hath fewe followers who was Pauls hot},and the holt of thewhole Church: hewas no inkeeper, but his houle was as open as any inne to receiue dit}reffed Chrifians. :.xinY4,ro. Fesse women of account imitate the Shunamite , who confrained Eli - fba as he paffedby to turne in, and Bate bread ; that coufult with their husbands to trimme vp Tome little roome for the menof God, and to let themvp a bed, and a table,a t}oole,and a candleflicke : nay, I with that cum theold Gentiles themfelues might not be induced to the fhame of Chrifians: who forelígioufly obferued this dutie, that of all other ver- tues they made their greatcltgod Iupiter the patron of it, and called him therefore fs;rlor. Restonstobe And as we abound withexamples,fo wé might beplentifull inreafons horpitableto and motines toprouoke our hearts hereunto : but to auoid prolixitie I ¡hangers. will name thefeToure. z. It is a notable fruite, and tefimonyof faith, which worketh by lovevnto all but el eciall towards thehoufhold of Gat.s.lo. Y P Y faith,