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EpsJItt ofS. Pawlto Titsf. CHAP.I.ó. ought to be, we fhould fee men flie as clowds for multitude, and as the doues for fwiftnes vnto the windowes ofthe Church. But yet this commandement beingnoother in the owneefl'ence,then that oldgenerall commandement giuen to the whole Church from the beginning; as alto that newcommandement,that is,renewedby Chrifls appearing (by whichalthough manylawes were antiquated,andreuer- fed,yet this lawe ofloue ofthebrethren was reuiuedand diuerfly enfor- ced) it ofneceflitiebelongeth to euery one that profefl'eth the Lord Ie- fus in the moll inward clofet ofhis heart and affe&tions,to carrie fuch as are members ofthe body"of Chrifl, fonnes of God , temples of the ho- lyGhofl,and heires of the kingdome of glory. Now the reafons enforcing it vpon both Minilers and people, are there. I. Becaufe the Lord bath deerely loued fuch,as here he commendeth to our loue:for there he bathgiuen his onely belovedSonne, unto thefe he bath given his fpirit;for there he bath prepared glory & immortality, he walkethwith them, proteeketh them,prouideth for them; in a word, will not be in heauen without them. 2. There is no man fovile, but heprofeffeth he louethGod : now it is certaine that whofoeuer delighteth inGod,he delighteth in his image, wherefoeuer he fee it : for he that louethhim that begat , cannot hate him that is begotten: and he that loueth not the brethren ,knoweth not God, is in the darknes and not in the lighr,and in Paying he loueth God he lyeth, and the truth is not in him: neither can a man cleaue anyother- wife to the bodyofChrifl,then by loue to the brethren. 3. Confider how lonely the fociety and fellowship of the Saints is. In their meetings amanmay be holpen forward in knowledge,faith,and obedience and depart then wifer andbetter : he may haue the vie of all the graces God bath bellowed vpon them; his owne grace is preferued with increafe,his inward peace and bymore fetled: here is the commu- nion of Saints,which is the beginningofheauen it felfe. Vfe. t. Many Minillers herein falle , who beeing men of corrupt minds and affe&ions , oppofe themfeluesagainíui good men ; if there be any in their parifhesmore carefull oftheir wales , more confcionable, more forward in religion then other,thefe are as beams in their eyes;the obieets ofmol{bitter inveóliues :in themeane time they glue their right hands of fellowfhipveto loofe &bare fellowes,whoought tobe as vile in their eyes,as they are in themfelues : whom 1 with timely to confider, that it was aiwaies noted for an infalliblepropertie of a falfe Prophet, to flrengchen the hands offinners,and tail downe fuch, as they ought' to haue fpoken peacevnto from the Lord. 169 Efa,00.s. Reafonstoen. torte the duty. I c.Ioh,s r. mydomoen:cuh mote my child. 3 2. All