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CHAp. I.Ó 170 Good men commonly re- wardedwith C. u:ll from the world. Gcn.q.6. Matth.17.39. AR.7.54. Ac.4.y.r. Ioh.8,}8, AQ,ra.r. Haters ofgood men aecur(ed. Gen.ta.;. (ACommentarie van the ' z. Although the Lordbath by moll flraíte iniun6}ions prouided for the welfareOfhis children, not onely iu regardof :heir faferie, but their louíngentertainement alfo in the world; with acknowledgement of all fuch officesofloue done votohimfelfe, andof which himfelfe will be- come therewarder ; yet notwichflanding according to the prophecie of the Lord ofthe holyProphets. Intheworldgoodmen doe, and (hall fu- flaine affli6tion;their good (hall bereturned with euill to the great affli- éion oftheir foules; and the world which knoweth not but to loue her owne, takethno notice offuch,but to hate them;and hated they are and (hall be ofall men altnof} for the name of Cbrif}. Hence haue fuch in all ages,were they Prophets, Apofiles,orChriflians,ofwhom the world was vnworthy, been thought burdens vnworthy to be borne, or flue in the world. Here one Caine cal}s down his countenance vpon him whofe works he leech better then his owne: hecannot giue him a good looks. Another waggeshis head at filch a man,as the Iewes did againfl Chrif}, in derifionofhim. An other is ready to burn for anger and rage,aschafe wicked ones againfiSteHen. Sometimes fuperiours breath out flaughter and threatning(as Saul)againl the Church.Sometimesequalls,yca and inferiours, trie thetas by (comings andmockings: fo as Ieremie himfelfe (hall heare the reuilings ofmany again(} him. Nay, the bale multitude (hall tell Chrifl himfelfe that he dealt with a deuill. And Sacans malice is fo like it felfe in his inl}ruments,that ifit be laid in their power, they proceede to drawe the fword ,and (}retch out their hand (as Herod a- gain(} Iames) to take away their lines ; and euen inkilling them thinke theydoe God good feruice. But how goodwere it for them to haue nothing todoe again(} fuch duff men ? for who deale they againfl ? or a. gaiufl whom doe they rife vp ? againfl Pimple men ? no furely , but a- gain(}God himfelfe, him they perfecute, him they blaipheame, the appleofhis eie they poare in. Nowwho euer rife vp againi God and profpered? or who euer kicked againfl filch prickes, and bridled not himfelfe? Is not lie eternall, CO outline all his enemies? Herod the Aech-enemie ofChriff dycth ,but the enemyofChrihls enemies is euer liuing. And is not his wrath the meffenger ofdeath ? cannot his pow- er grinde his enemies to powder? or (hall nothis right hand finde them out? Againe, thou art for the prefent acurled man, that louefi not good man: marke the terrible threatuing, Iwillcnrfethem that curie thee : fo as what thou intendefl again(} them, (hall fall vpon thine owne head: thy fword (hallpearce thine owne heart; Goliahs owne fword (Ball fonder his head and body; Banton (hall hanfell his ownegallowes ; the Madianites that little feared tobe (laine by the Ifraelices , (hall helloing one