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EpißleofS. Paid to?Tifus. C: aAa i.8 1 one by another. For it is hull: with God (faithPaul) to render trtbulati- I r 71 on to thofe that afflict his Saints, that as they fecretly hatch mifcheife gainft the godly , to the Lord fhould fecrctlydcuife and prepare righte- ous iucigement again(. themfelues. And furely many a man there is,that carrieth fecret plagues about him, fome in his inward ef.ate,fome in his outward, fome in his body,fome inhis foule, fome inhimfelfe, tome in his,with which he arugleth and toyleth, & turnethhimfelfe tomany caufes and meanes ofhis harmes,and it may be to fome finnes as caufes; but neuer efpy this curie paffed from the mouth ofGodagain(i his mal- lice toward good men, & fo toylethhimfelfe altogether in vaine. Were thefe things written in the hearts of men , how could it be but they fhould Hand inawe , anddread ( with wicked Bataan:, who otherwife was willing inough)co curie where God hash bleffed ? 3. Let vs learne to fee our inbred hatred of good men, at leaf. our want ofloue vnto them : and feeing it, bewaile ir, and bewayling it, re- forme it. Let our louing affe&tion cauce vs to ioyne our felues totheir focietie among whom good is to begotten. Obief`f'. Oh but this is a toyle indeed, if we goe among(t them, they are fo precife we may not take the leal. libertie , we mu f. fpeake ofno- thingbut Scripture-matters.Anf.lfthou hadt+ the lifeofChrifi working in thee,and that delight in God whichbefeemeth a fon or daughter of God,it wouldbe thy meate and drinke tomeditate,fpeak,andfpend thy thoughts and time in holy things; and thinke fuch times happily gained from thy vanitie,yea from thy law full calling : or if thou did(t fauour the things of the fpirit, as thouclod} the things of the WI ; that which is indeed the freedome ofa Chrillian,would not be fuch a yoke andbur- then : the fpirit ofChrift would make thee willing thus to fpend thy Gratiouswordt time,and become in no company neither idle nor vnprofitable, &much alwaieswd- leffevaineorlicentious:andtake this withall, that gracious words, are comebuttoa graceksheac. neuer vnwelcome,but to a graceleffe heart. ObieEt. But I feeno fuchgood in their meetings. Anf Thou mailt want'wifedotne to draw it out of them:or elle thou feei it not, becaufe thouwantcfl eyes ; as the fouldiers fought C'hriff men infpeakinq veto Iuhis7.s. him :: or elfe they feemePimple andweake men , as the Church is blacke Canc14.5. but comely : the funne lookes vpon them , and their infirmities, falls, and of t5tions make themoutwardly appeareas the tents oftedar ; and vpon thefe thine eyes gaze altogether : yet as the Church is glorious within, fo are themembers in refpe6t of fanElitie and ornaments of the foule,which weighed in thy ballanceare foundvery light. I exhort therefore all thofe that would encreafe in grace , that they linketheir foules co fuch as feare God: foDauid made himfelfe a com- panion