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CHAP.Y.ó. t_1 Commentarievpon the I 72 panionofall them that feared the Lord ; and the next words feerne to Pfat.ey.ói. include the reafon,andwhich keepe thyffatuter: the fiatutes ofthe Lord ate in their hearts,in their rnouthes,before their eyes,and in their hands. This will keep them fromentring into the wayofthe wicked , and fron beeing fo eafily plucked away with the error of the wicked. But to fuch as would faine be acquainted with an hellifh life before hand,let them frequent other companies then this : where God is not prefent, nor his fpirit nor his loue; but the fpirit ofmifchiefe,offwearing (willing, vn- cleannes, and all hofìillitie again(} God: where in flead ofinen,are De- uills incarnate: in whole mindsas in a fhop Satan is suer framing, and forging vnholy and vncleane thoughts and defires:and according to the abundance oftheir hearts their mouthes fpeake lewd things, and their hands a&t all manner ofwickednes: hardly canfi thou come neere them, but they will infeétthee, but keepe with them and thou wilt bee like them : thy body.is not fitter toreceiue the infection ofcheplague from a perfon that hath a plague lore running vpon him,then thy foule tobe deadly poyfoned and iufeéted by fuck fociety. Wife ] The Papifis out of their vulgar tranflation abufe this word to improoue themarriage of Miniflers, and moll improperly turneand oo-q¡aryquafi &anon,. tranflateit, chaff, or continent: whereas the word properly fignifieth, a manofafeundminde, that is, prudent, circumfpe6t; one that carrieth a continuall confultation within himfcife for the guidingof his whole courfe in fuchmoderation , as wifedomemay appeare in his fpeaches, gefiures, countenance, andwhole life. Betides that, the Apofile requi- reth the felfe fame venue ofmarried wines, I. Tim. ;. t r, and of all Tie 2'6* Wifedomene young en of what rofcflìon foeuer, whom I hope theymeane not to Y cetîary inMi+ debarre oftnarriage. How wife and circumfpeet a man, the Minifler uers' Rea(onx need to be will appeare ifwe confider either the worker of his calling, orhis perfonEp a d plare it felfe. For the former, what wifedome is requi- red of him , lio is to vtter the word ofwifedome, whereby both him- felfe, and his people fhould be made wife to faluation; and lo to cotcrr.4.4. fpeake this word as becommeth him tofpeake, that in nothing he may be blamed? what a wife fleward mull he be, that muff giuc euery feruant within the houle of God his owne portion, and that in due feafon? how experienced had that man need to be, who is as Godsownemouth to feparatebetweene the precious and the vile? how circumfpeél and cok,rr f warie, leafi his people beeing as lambs among wolues, fhould fall into osP,pa the aduerfanies hands, and (beeing beguiledby words ofhurnanewife- dome) fo peruerted ? And for the latter, their very perlons and places requireeuen the wifedome offerpents, to walke circumfpe6ly, as per- t fops watching vntoeuery fîep where they mease to let their foots. 2. Becaufe