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Epefdla°/s. Paid toritos. CiAr.i.8. Becaufe they are lights fet vponhills,the ties of the world are vpon thé., euery thing in them is marked:as they are eyes toefpie other mens man- ners, fo are othermens eyes much morevpon them , eitherfor imitation or calumniation. 3. A fober and circumfpeet carriage, not onely fhutteth the mouth ofthe enemy , who feeketh occafion to blafpheme the glorious Gofpel, and through the fides of the Miniller to finite Chi-tit hit felfe; but retnooueth a iuf} fcandall whereby many are con- tented toabide without the Church, namely,the diffolute, and diforde- red courfe ofthe teachers ofreligion , which maketh euen the religion taught by fuch ftinke, and become loathfome to numbers , who gladly layhold of fuchoccafions tobe of no religion at all : and therefore if women mutt fo walk,as that by their honett conuerfation others may be wonne; ought not men muchmore, and yet mot} of all Minifters ? 4. Such a wife andgraue carriage gecteth reueréce to his perfon, and con- fequently winneth authority to his do6trine,not onlyof thebett,but e- uenofthe bafeti: fuchcariage in Iobcaufed the young men when they lawhim tohide themfeltses; and the aged to arife and ffand vp, and all forts ofmen to liftenvino his words: and all cares that heard him tobleffe him. In all which regards , how careful] was the Lord himfelfe, that none butfuchqualified perfons thould ferne before him in that walking and elementarie woríhip in the time ofthe law. Hewill haue none but wife hearted mento worke in the building ofthe Tabernacle , xod. 3 5.1o. and no doubt aimed at the felfe fame thing ,when he made that law in Numb. 4.43. that only they of3o.yeares old and aboneeuen vntill 5o. fhould ferue before him in that tabernacle after it was builded.For here- in herequiredneceffarily two things;firti and efpecially gifts ofminde, as wifedome,iudgement,grauitie,experience,anddiligence,which mot} appeare from 3o.yeares vpward:fecondly,ftrength of body. When he releafeth fuch as haue ferued vntill 5o.youngmenmight bring ftrengch before 3o.but beeing without iudgement ,grauity,experience,theLord refufeth it: oldmenaboue 5o. might bring withyeares experience, and iudgement,but the Lord requireth the body to be anfwerable vnto the mind in force proportion.And to this obferuation that giueth light in Numb.1.3. that howfoeuer in thetabernacle and Temple none might ferne vnder 3o.yet in ciuill things they might: for they mutt count their warrioursfrom ao.yeare old and aboue. Vfe. r. This doctrine bendeth it felfe again(} Inch light,and childifli young wen,who are fo forward to thruf} themfelues into this great cal - ling,before they hauecaft(as we fay) their colts Coates , or coltith con- ditions:wheras this funé}ion requireth another age,and other manners. 173 3 t.Pet.r.t. 4 lob:y.s. cpotted. Liohtnes in trAilier$con- aemned. May