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CHAP,3.ó. 174 2.Ti:n,a.. Dan,x7.3. Righttottfne(rt -wnat it is. cfConmventarie upon the May it notbefaidof manyMilliners inEngland ,as it was of the Pro- phets in Ieru Calm,Her Prophets are light and wickedperfons: fur theft two in this calling got together wherein euery thing is aggravated. Light- ! nes in fomecallingmay beare a lower note,and be tearmedweaknes but in this cannot but be wiekednef%: and why fo ? betaute it will follow, that theypollute the fan&vatic, andwrefl thelaw: the former by ioyning themfelues to euery light companion, in euery light or lewd pra&ife:the latter, becaufe whereas the iudgement ofthe molt controuerfail matters was committedby God to thePriefls,togerher with the interpretation ofthe law, fuchwas their leuitieand rafbnes,that they paflèd their mat- ters inconfiderarely, andanfwered infufficiently, andoften falily in the nameofthe Lord:and thusmull it needs be with fuch as run and ridebe- fore the Lord hath called them. a. Wemuff pray for the Miniflers as Paul for Timothie , That the Lordwouldginethemwifedome inui/things: not carnal] and flefhiypolli- cie, a thing toomuch fludied of many of them , for fuch wifedome the Lord neuer iuflifieth in them; but fetteth Inch a curled brand vpon it as that for moti part it turneth to the ouerrhrowe of the Church , and the whole workeof the Minilrry;but fuch wifedome as is grounded in the wordof God,the Rudy ofwhich would make themwifer then theand- ent:euen wife to raffle not onely their owne efface but others silo with them, not vntoearthly preferments;butveto lifeand glory immortal], referued in the heauens: to futhwifi men is the promife made, that they fhall/hine as the brightnes of the firmament, and in that they haue turned their wifedome to the turning o fman) to righteoufnes, they(hulljhine as the f arresforeuerand euer. Righteous By righteoufne(re here,isnot meant that euangelicall righteoufneffe, which is Chriffs fulfilling of the whole lave for vs : neither that infufèd gift whereby beleeuers haue an imperfcek confortnitie begunne in them, accordingto ail the parts of the lawe;although not according to all the degreesof them : but here is meant chat which is-calleda particular iu- nice, more external looking our vetoother men to giue them their due: obferuing equality both in contra &s and exchanges,which we call corn. I mutatiue; as allo a lull proportion inditributing offices , rewards, pu- nifhments,which we call diflributiue iuflice.So as this iullice is anequal) & vprighc dealingwith men fearefull to offer the leali wrong voto any, but ready to doegoodvitro all: grounded on loue,which feeketh not all her owne things, much leffeother tacos, and in a word is the futnnreof the fecond Table, Now as this vertue is in the text let betweene wife- dome, andpietie, or holines,fo may it not bediuorced fromeither of them: for