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EpiflleofS. Palillo Titus. CHAP.I.ó for wifdome,our Sauiour willeth all hisfollowers to ioyne with this in- 175 nocencie ofdoues the wifdomeofferpents : for wifedomewithout in- 'hocencie , were butfleibly, and from belowe; and innocenciewithout wifedome,werebutreproachfull fillineffe. Againe, it mull goe with holineffe, which is suer mixt withpietie,that it maybe a fruit of that in- ward righteoufnes which is by faith: for elfe it is groffe hypocrifie. All our iuflicemuff begin in Chrifls luflice , reckoned unto fuch as pra6tife pictie, and are entred in fome degrees of fanetification. All our obedi- ence mull proceede from the inward renewing ofthe fpirit of ourminds by the finger ofGod,that he mayknow it for his owne worke. All our outward conformitymull proceed from inward finceritie:for ifwemull approoue our aélions to theconfciences of goodmen, much more to the Lord,who is greater,and a molt oculate wirnelfe ofall our wayes.Ioyne thefe two louingfriends,which fweetly accord in a Chriflian heart and life ;; thenmaifl thou with Paul,call God and man with boldnes towit.' nes,that thou art vnblameable:fee 1.Theff.2.10. But to fpeake breifly ofchele two venues fo farce as they concerne the Minifler,feeingwe are to fpeake of both of them as prefcribed vnto common Chriflians,chap.a.so.let eueryMinifler be exhortedasTimo- ehie was by Paul,Bm thou O manof God, followe after righteoufnefj'e. For hereby, 1. He giueth teflimony ofhis righteoufnelle beforeGod. Luk.1. 6. Realons why Zacharie and Elizabeth were tuft before God, and walked without re P roo f e. m;mlter; mnti berighteous In Iob a hill man fearing God , and abflainidg from euill. a. He {half thti: dealings be able to let his Foote againfl his aduerfaries , and the enemies ofthe truth: and fay with Samuel, whofeaxeor ale have 1 taken, &c. 3. Hee c saw, :, giueth euidence that he profelfeth and teacheth the true religion, in that 3. he keepech himfelfe vnfpotted of the world : which the Apofile Iames fam.r i7. maketh one propertie ofpure religionand vndefiled : bywhich meanes he both gainethchafe that are without,and confirmeth fuch as are with- in. 4. It {hall not boote a man to fay in the dayof iudgement , Lord, 4 Lord,hauewe not preached and prophecied in thy name, if Chrifl can make anfwer; yea, but ye were workers ofinicquitie,and therefore depart Mat-743. from me. Hoy]Thisholinefle refpeétethGod himfelfe,hisworfhip, his holy things, as the word,facraments,praier,his Sabbachs,his fané2uarie,in all which the Minifler ought tobean exampleof bolines; andyet not one- ly in thefe,.but in his whole conuerfatiou alto. The commandement is generali toall Gods people, beye holy , for Iam holy , which requireth Leuit,11.44.. both the internal' fanólification of the heart, and the externall fymbolls andprofefilon of the fame. But more neceffary is it yet for the Minifler to