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Cuep. r.1. vl CartrmentariC'Vpon the 6 him. And thisis thoughtto be the caufe , why ( not to infifl in other Scriptures, as many of the Pfalmes, books of Chronicles, &c. the au- Jan. thor ofwhich the f init of God bath not difcouered ) the Epiftte to the .rue Par, p. prafat,c.a.ad Hebrewes(generallyby the leatned thought tobe Paul!) wanteth both Hebei the name, fupetfcriptiofl, and íubícription, which all his other Epi(les Thisenroll is haue: not becaufe he was the Doe-torof the Gentiles, and fo was out of giu bothby h rn isway in writing to the Iewes,but becaufe he knew his perfon & name airmen: nt<x. tobe meruailoufly hated at Ierufalem; and that hewas grown into great and Ahan,dial. y g de Trinit. see contempt among the enemies of the Gofpell,fromwhom hehad fepara- ibó;íìáéÌ. ted: whole furie he gaue placevnto, and would not exciteby addinghis eapass name, beeing defirsus that they (bonld entertaine the naked truth for it felfe. And howfoeucr it is avaine thing to be peremptorie in defining it tobee Pauli,yet it is more vaine to conclude it none of his, becaufe it wants his name; for by the fame reafon, it hauingno bodies name, they might conclude it tobe no bodies: nay, rather vpon this occafionswan- ting his name, it is liken tobe his. 2. FromPauls exampleeuerieChriftian roan may learne to be readie to giue his name to the Gofpel, and like achildof wifedome by a bold profe(lion, to iu(lifie it vpon euerie loft occafson: many are too indiffe- rent herein,and loch to be knownedifciples ofChrill : the lhame it is of many profeffars in fucks a funncihineday as this,to call themfeltses with ?licodemuo int. the night. Aferment ofGod] This is a titlewhich all the Apoflles delight in; for thus alto Peter, tames, lode, in the beginning of their Epifles, ftyled chemfelues: which is not to be vnderflood in a general] fenfe, as Res.7. 3.forthus not surely they,but all Chri(liannay more,all creatures(euen the worft)are Come way feruiceable veto God in executinghis will: but it here fpecially refpeEleth that office and funélion to which they were fecapart, expreffed more particularly in the next words , andan4- p°file. Tobeaferuant Doilr. This beeing the firft title whereby the Apoile would get o/God is the hinifelfe authoritie,teacheth, That the very nameof a feruant of God, is emu* honor. full ofhonour and autbority.TheApofile comparing the gloryofChrifl with the glorieoftheAngels,Heb.s.t 4. aduancc:h them as farte as pof- ablyhe can that Chrill his glorie beeing fo much more excellent then theirs there defcribed,might be moll highly exalted;and yet the highefl afcent of their honour which he can rife veto is, to title themmiming pirirs,flanding about God; fromwhich feruice they are honoured with glorious names; ofthrones, dominations, powers, rulers, principalities: and although the Scriptures moll vfually /nder this title expreffe the Philip.l.g, lowandbumble condition of Chrill: who took,, on 'hint theforms esfer- Nane; A