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Epifil ofS'. Paul to Titus. CHAP. I.1.1 uant;yet allo thereby the Lordwould fonretime fignifiehis great glory: 7 as, ifa.4a.t . Behold rayferuant , Iwill leane vponhim : mini &El in mhome ttzyfoulc delighteth. The ApollleTool when he would provoke himfelfe to tnagnifie the free mercie of God towardhimfelfe , maketh this the ground of his glorie and teioycing, that God had counted him faithfuf, s.Tinats. andput him in hitferuice. 6fe. t. This fettles to teach Miniflers their dutie, that feting the' Miniltersue Lord path fo highlyhonoured them, as todraw them fo ncere vntohim- felfe,as odpdron it wereadmittingthem into his prefence chamher,yea & 'intohis ohamber,and councell table; theyare in way ofthankfuineffe more flraightly bound csaatctltable. :to twomaine duties, t. diligence : a. thatibefulnere. Fir , diligence , in wholly gluingvp themfelues & llrength in the difpatching of their ma- llersbutineílc, wholenewwholly they are : theircaret are bared, neuer todepart from him; fo as now they may not leek or fettle themfelues,but take themfelues to be (as the civill law callerh feruants) .r'orpovawot, inch as fuflainenopetfon, but are become dependances and adiunéls, yea in- deede rcafonable inflruments in the hand of their mailer. Iftnotiues would aim vp our diligenceonto the work ofGod,wewant rot amul- ritude : as, z. this [rafter bath moli abfolute power of life anddeatho-1 tier his feruants. a. his eie is euer oiler them, which prouoketh euro eye- pleafers to quickneffe. 3. the fruit ofdiligence is the fauingofour fel ues erncetnthis and others. 4. bleffedMali that fertaant be whom the [rafter (hall finde ;'1 `4óG fodoing. f. without this thoufhalt become the vnprofitable feruanr, Matth.24.46. that á1a11 be bound hand and Foote, and call into hell:the feruice is difrt- m4'645 3'7. cult, as beeing an baruefit, an huebaadrie, a building, a planting; all which require labourers, and painful! workemen : it is the diligent hand that bringeth thefeworkes toa commendable paffe: nay more it is a fighting with fpirituall weapons, againtl mightyandmalicious enemies, and re- quireth quickneule andcourage. This butanes ncedeth not whole armies offuch foulditrs as we read of, t.Sam t7.a4.who ranneaway when they fawe Goliab a far off: onePoore and contemptible Dauid,whe is as good as his word,whenhe faith, Thyferuanr will geeand fight with the Philrffim, v.; z. brings the bufineffe more Ifappily forward, then a nation of the former:inwhomwe fee thepitiure ofrhe twill and flonhfallferuant,whofe Maah.at.ac ende theEuangeliti recordeth to be fearefull. The fecond dutie isfaithfulnefj"e. It is requiredofeuery difjrenfer that be t.c.r.aa. beefoundfartbfull: and this faithfulneffe mull appeare, r. in gaining di fci- rui, Ad co f.ith- pies not tohimfelfe , but veto Chria : lohn was a faithful! feruant to Chrifl; beonufF increafe, and Imuff decreafe: and Patel, Ifeche not yours, but Ioh.t.ga. yea: but this was to prefect them as virgins onto Chrill. The law of e- quine concludetb, that whatfocuer the feruant gaineth, (hould become A 4 the