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Eptfic01 S. PaultoTittle. CHAP.I.2t come topa(1'e: as Hez.ekiah with death, but prefently retreates it: the Ni- 1S neteites withdeflruelion after fortie daies,but de(iroyed them not:yea he feemeth to faine,by vttering things cleane contrary tohis mind;as when he biddeth (Moles let him alone that hemight defiroy the Ifraelites, whereas heneuer meant to de(troy them.To which ingenerali I anfwer, r. That all promifesare made with conditionof faith, and repentance, as alfb with the.exception ofthe croffe. x. That all threats are made with exception ofconuerlion, and repentance, in neither of which the condi- tion is expreffed often, but euer included: &beingadded to that threat- ningagain the Xineuites, and againfl Abimelecb,Gen.zo. 3. diffolueth theobieEtion. 3.That the Lord neuer changeth his counfell and ferret Dcusnon mu. tat rorfliwn, will, but fometime his reuealed : and that then, when it includethCome r.dcnteatiam, condition dependingvponCome euent:which condition had it not been ;ua ca med included in the denunciation: again(l Hezeki.w, the decree of God had patefaaieo. been abfolute,& fo not revocable,neither by the prayers, or repentance ofthat good King , as it was. 1 That the Lord may denounce a thing whichyet heneuer decreedco doe, andyet neither lie nor faine: as in de- liberative policions, fschas that was againll the Ifraelites, Let mealose: EKG do,Jo, for had Mofes taken it for a Pimple interdiEtion , I feenot how he could without fione haueproceeded on in his interce(lion for them :but heper- ceiued the Lord carrying thismatter as one in a deliberation what bee might be&doe in it. Again; although the Lord cannot fpeake contra- rie to hiswill, yet he doth andmay (peak fornethingdiuerfe,andbeides it :as here both to teachMofes what it was that withheld his wrath, euen . his prayer, which was whetted hereby; as.alfo co quicken the people to fpeedie and vnfained repentance. Obiea. But in the Scriptures wemeetewith many parables, and hy- perbolical fpeaches,which neuer were,nor can be true:as thmonference among thetrees; and that the world were not able to containc the bockes radm9 of Chri(Is words andworkes:which we fee not how they can (land with the truthofGod. Anf. In theScr iptures are force (peaches diuerfe. and fornecontrarie to the truth, and yet neither lies, nor fnne. For God fpeaketh fometime n,de.co. 4 by r.eontraries,as by ironies or (peaches ofdetifió:which arc not alwaics vicious inman, neuer inGod, but carriewith themmoll feuere reprehé- r.cot.ç.b. (ions again(t (inne. 2. fometimes by parables, in which not faifhoods, but by faired things, vnfained truth; are taught anddeliuercd, 3.fome- times by exceffe of (peach , (peaking ofinfinite and incomprehenlble things, fo as we may comprehend andaffe6l them. But in all fuel) formes of fpeach, we mull hold thefeconclufions : r. That they tend to the in- flrutShioo andedificationofthe Church. 2. There can be no purpofe on C 2 Gods