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CHAP.!.=. c.4Commentirie vpon the 36 Neither canhis Minigers [pea kinghóhim lie Ifa.g;.a. Rom.8.i8. Pál,3 t.: o. 1,loh.247. Rom.}.,8. Gods part, to deceiue (as in alie)but to profit, byamore powerfull,and forcible mannerof teaching the truth. 3. He intendeth nothing but the truth it (elfe : forhe conceiueth not one thing in his minde , and utters another, but onelyomitting theproper (peach, in figuratiue and tropi call, hee moreelegantly, powerfully, andprofitably explaineth the fame truth. Thus hauing prooued and cleared thedo6trine,we defcend to thevies of ir. Yfe. !. If God cannot lie, then whatfoeuerhis Minifiers promife or threaten fromhim, andout ofhis word,is abone all exception; feting he hath fpoken it, who cannot lie, deceiue, or bedeceiued : which lhould (titre vp euerie man togiue glorie unto God (as 0Abraharndid ) by lea- ling to his truth; that is, by beleeuingand applying ontohis own foule, every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God : for whofoeuer thus receiueth his teffi..nonie, bath fealed that God is true: then which no greater glorie canbe giuen veto him. Whereas not tobeleeue him on his word, is as high a difhonour as any man can calf vpon him:for it is to giue God thelie : bee that beleeueth not, bath made him4/Jar : which in manners and ciuilitie, wecould not offer CO our equal, and which even a meane man would fcorne toput vp at our hands. Hach God made thee any promifethat he will be with thee infr.tetroubles,andin feauen?hath he promifed that he will drfpofeof al/tbingsto thebefl , to thee that loud4+ him? hath he laid, that no gold thing(hallbee wanting to thee that fearefl him? doe thou lcane and hang vpon thefeprotnifes ; and giue God the ho- nour oftruthby beleeuing him. Thou wouldefi truff a unan, whom thou thinkeff will not lie, though thou knowet+ he can lie, and deceiue thee: much more waled and oughtetf thou the highGod, who is as farce from the power as the will; and as farrc fromboth, as from cealing to bee God. Yea,but I fee no meanes,no hope, but all things are rather clean con- crarie to the Nonlife: and the commonorder of things caried againff Be it lo; yet moil thou depend vpon the naked promifc,which is trueand not lying, as John fpeakethof the annointing. Thus haue the feruants of God done before vs:Hezeksahknew not what to do;but his eies were to the Lord: ebrahamhopedabout hope : yea, thcn whenall meanes fay- led, and the orderofnature was let agaìnff him, did he not doubt of the truth of the promife,but gaue glorie vetoGod : the vi Rorious conquer+ ofwhofe faith,is often in the Scriptures recommended voto our imitati- dn.And this leffd muff be laid vp inour harts,efpeciallyagain[[ the rimes ofour depel+diffref es and affli.diions by perfecution,or otherwife;wher- in if they be either more fmart,or more durable,we [hall not want Rab fakeis,