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CHAP. 1.4. vICommentarievpen the 6s mittedvnto them, euen as the child ingeniovfey imitateth and obcyeth his father. DoEEr. a. Faith is oneand the fame in all the ele& ; and is therefore Fair' efrhe e- called the common faith,Eph.4.5.tlaere is one faith which is true , whe_ led is but one. therwevoderftanditof the dot-trine of faluation, which in Athanajus his confeffìon is called the Catholike faithofall Chri(lians,becaufe it is a do&rine receiued and belecuedby the Catholike Church:or ifwe take it for thegift offaith, whereby webeleeue to inflification. Which grace , is but one,andcommon to al the ele&,notwith(kanding there be diuerfe meafures and degrees ofit peculiar to Tome. Hence the Apoflle Peter a.Pet.r.r. call eth it, the lik!pretiorssfirth, I. in refpe&of the k a4 of it , beeing a iuflifying faith,by which al that beleeue,hauepower to be the tonnes of God, Soh. 1.12.Gal.3.26. a.ofthe obiriofit, which is one are ,the fame yeRerday, and today, and for euer: who dwelled) in the hearts of Fidcs vna,rà euery beleeuer,Eph.3.17.whom although the fathers offormer ages be- (Nth, n oib. held him to come,and the latter ages alreadie come; yet both reioyce in is&cram gra fecing his day,with the fame eie offaith:the difference is,that one feeth duurratedCpe- it fomewhat more clearely then theother, ofthe fameende ofit,which uei,opiefki,fi y 3 nis is faluation?common to all bcleeucrs;called therefore by lade i.thecorn- molefaluation. Ifbut one Yfe. a. Toconfute fuch as foolifhly imagine and teacb,that there may fairh,but one be as many faiths and waiCS to faluation, as there be nations & peoples: way coheaven. that the Iewes muff be faued by the law of Motes : the Gentiles by the lawofnature: Chrillians by the Gofpel, and euery man by the rebgion he profeffeth : to proouewhich vanitie theyalleadge,Habac.a.The lull (hall liue byhis orwhefaith. But we that haue learned that there is but one Chrifl,oneway to heathen , and one common faith, cuidently perceive that curry man cannot be faued inbis owne way: except force can come to the Father,and not by the Sonne. The Apoflle `Pater hauiug learned the do&rine offaith from Chri,}; owne mouth;ívriting to the difpetfcd I Iewes,callcth that hisfaith:befarne preciousfaith with that of the Gen- tiles, teaching thercby,that the faith is but one, & that publifhed in the Gofpel,whereby both Iew and Gentilecan be faued.As for that place of the Propbet,the (cope ofit is onely to vege the fpeciali applicarion of that oneand one!), true fauiur faith,which curryman is to labour for that he may liue by it:and further is noground for fuch fancies. And ifslie corn. i Vfe. z. This do&rineaffoasdethvs another way to faluation then the icon faith be PopifhChurch,and quids manifèRvnto vs.For,l,here is no mention of th is ,@ noc onrwaynren o commonworker out oftheChurches treafurie; the Apo(lie teacheth that works out of ¡ the common treafurieof theChurch is the common faith : which exclu- thc Clmrches, cceafurit. deth all merit; feeiuá to beleeue,is not to merit,but to apprehend (not I another