Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

And life. I Joh.2..6. Inwh~t we may nor,or , cannot fdl.. low him~ I. 2. Follow Ckrifl,wherein. of e;·~d by dayandnigl1t- in all their journiesJfthis pillar move not, wee mu{lnot,move•. Chrifi mufi be beforeus inevery thing; in neceffaty·things· by 'prec~pt,in indifferent by rule~fpeci~ll or generalJ. 2;. ··Follow.him in his holy life: "Wfllk,.ing ~ hrwalked, and ~aking his life an example and copy to imitate, fo far as hee propounded himfelfe a rule of imitation : becaufe fame _kindes of actions of Chrifi were not-imitable; as., Firil,thofe that he did tU God; namely, his-miraculous workes; thefe are not exemplary: for, I ~they are impoffible to any creature,but God alone : z. by the[e he was feparate-d as the Sonne of God from all the fonnes ofmen; for hee effeded them allhy his owne power, as no Saints did: ~.we have no commandement to follow him in thefe. Secondly,fome workes he did . ,.;._ \,...;.. KO , ' A;'