Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Follow Chrifl,wherein. ____ __. Ill/might ~tccor;/ing tg hiJ gloriom power:, unto ftl/ p4tience and longfo/fering 1fJith j6Jfulnef{e. [.And folio-, me.] ' This ·is the third duty ofevery one that meanes to bee Chrifis Difciple; namely,the holy iqtitation ofChrift: where are "Q bee confidered, 1. The matter wherein wee Three muft follow him. things in l. The manner of following it. him. 1· '. The reafo~j w:hy. In two things we m~fl: follow Chriil: :5 H.~s holy doCl:rine. . ?_ Hts holy ex~mple. I • His d oelrine was as the I . 1 fun.. fhiningfrom heaven, by di- Follow ) ' .retl:ion whereofhee leades us in , C:hrHl: in . n.athes ofrighteonfnes. It i5 the dh·~~oly r · o~~.rmc • Srarre th~t Je~ds wife men after · Chriil:. It js the pillar of the cloud_and fir~, to guic.ie. the I:frael · E ~ · of: