Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

FoUow Chrift,wherein. · at Mediarour bet\veen God and· us :as futfering for the finnes of the Eletl:, fatisfying Gods ju1\:ice, jufiifying the finner in the fight of God. And thefe are too high workes for men or Angels. And if Papifl:s \Vi11 needes m·erit falvation,or fatisfie Gods jufl:ice, they mufi: needs be Mediatours, meriting perfons, even gods as well as men• . But the thin~ whereio....wee mufl: fGllow Chrifi:~ are fuc;h as w hereofhimfelfe faid, J.h~tVe given JOH ex11mple, that as I have done, ye may. do alfo: as,. . J • l 11 expreffion of his piety to· God. · 2. Ofhis ch~rity to men. His piety iliined forth as the brightnd.fe of the St.mne many, waye.s ;-we will inftante in five. 1 . In that he riev-er fought his owne praife and glory , but the glory and praife of God that font him, John 7· 18. and 17. ~· Fa. E 3 ther, 77 FiveexpreEions ofhis piety to be f'ullowcd. I .