Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Homwe mu.fl follow rhr~~- rcflifte (Jf him, Jobn 5. 39• as alfo in liftening to the inward teaching and guidanceofthe Spjrit ;~ taking the benefit of his own ex· pericnce.by. the change and ftl.lits in himfelfe, fince hee had Chrift afore him. Secondly, faith will hold us in our way ,.an.d ~eep.our.leader in fight. It will not bee Jed.by. the opinions ofmen , or_cufromes of the world, but by the comman· dement and will of the Captain. I It .Vf.jll-not looke a {quint to approve. it: fe1fe to Chriit and the \Vorld too; but·it knits the heart undivided to Chri£t alone:, as an only perfeCl: Saviour -and Pattern. · Yea,becaufe he now liveth, and movetb,& bath beeing in Chiifl:, he can no more be without him, th~n a n1ember\vithout.the.he.ad, and, as a ,member follo,ve.s hi1n ·d1rough fire and water,, perils and tormellt's,.m,_ofi: earnefily . an~ OO.eerf~lly" . .· , _ Thirdly ~-------~~-------- ~ '