Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

HOw we muftfoU~w Chrift. Thirdly; faith caufeth a m-ar1r, 3 I whegfoever he is ~fiipt out of his • way, to return back by a new act of repentance :as when ChrHl looked backeupon Peter,& exci1 ted his faith, he wept bitterly:&, faith the Church,C,nt. 3. 3. Saw ye not him whom my foule loveth ? And thus faith is cro\vned with ' perfeverance. This of the fidl: way to follow Chrii. z.We"mufi: follow him in love t..Bylove. & ardent alfeelion,by which faith 2. Cor, f • alwaies -work!th. No other thing r4. fl b I Gal.r.~. i m~ft ·coJlil;taine us, .ut ove : as a w1fe out of love follows her dear husband.And this wil b~ ftronger than death:. nothing can feparare· us·, neither height, nor depth, nor . fword,nor death,nor a fea of the waters of·afflitl:ion can drown it. Yea, zea1e & fervency of fpirit is required to exclude hypocrifie & luke\vannnes-:for diifemblers and halrers can never follo\V Chri!l: in the rugged waies wherin he goeth before us. - 3. We