Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

.) following chrift. /not follow Chrifl: in d~e Word, · are given up to follow the world, and the courfe of the world r .Some follow their covetou(nefP, ·as Jer.8.ro. every one from the greatefl: to the leaft : tormenting themfelves and the world in it; 1 give no refl: to it or themfelves, allow neither G 0 D nor t.Aem- , felves any reft on the Sabbath,&c• .' Others wa1ke ttfter the courfo of /' the world,_Ephef.z.2. and fafoion themfelves unto it, ccmtrary to 1 Rom.I 2. 2. as appear~s in many, } who have fold themfelves . over 1 to voluptuoufnes, delicacy,pride l in apparrel,tiring out all the tires 1 \ and fa{hions 0f all countries. Others fpend thei~ time in id1e- 1 ne{fe, or gaming, or fports, · and l other calling have they noQe. But l all the world knowes , Chrifis life was hun1ble, painful), fob-er, heavenly, holy, fruitful.l , and ·cleane contrary to thefe who re- l ) ceive oncly a.name ofChrifi,but l follow 1