Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

I. Safety offollowing Chrift. follow the world, a fworne enemy to Chrift. Numbers are given up to follow evill company,& evill counl fel1, becaufe they defpife Chrifi:s counfell. lJee that refufeth the ·counfell ofwifedome, it is juft that folly lhould lead hhn: : See Pr:ov. 1. 3 o. 3 r. Some follow idle feltown ( Prov. 1 2 . t 1 .) becaufe they are defl:itute. of under!l:anding. Some, drunken company, to whom the woe is directed, Ifo. 5.1 I. Some, whoriili company, as the Prodigall, ·who rejetling good counfell,fpent himfelfe,and 1 came home by \veeping-croffe. Thus da:1gerot1fiy are men ~iven over to ·perillous guides, who \V ill not have Chrifl: to 1 guide them. And this ·is the fe1cond motive. ~. Argue from the fafety of following Chriil: our guide: for,-1 · Firft,he propounp£us nocroo:.. j ked patterne nor falfe rule to fol- 1 low: ; .