Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Safety offollowing Chrift. low ; but himfelfe a perfetl and expreffe ide11 and patterne of. all grace and vettue,and an unfadmg _ patterne,unening,inflexib1e. Ohjett. But m_u!l: \Vee not imi- · tatethe Saints 1 · .Anfw. Yes, fo farre M the_y follow Chrift, I Cor.I I .I. an Apoll: le himfelfe muftoe followed · no further. Secondly ,he leads us not into ~. crooked or by-pathes , bnt into the pathet ofrighte9sfneffe, Pfol, 2 3. 3. pointing us out our way by his holy dod:rine , guiding us. in it by the example of his holy1ife, comforting us in our wearineffe, fuppl ying us in this way \Vith bread of life, opening to us iri this way the fountain oflivi1.1g waters; revives us with new flrength·, guides us out of by-paths, and fo carries us i~ ~he firid,but ~rait way to the happy end ofour Journey. Thirdly, bee leades us not in 3 .~ F darke