Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Safety offoUowing Chrifl. darke and defolate waies, but himfelfe, being the light of the ivDrld,(Jo~n I 2.3) .) while wee follo\v him, wee.cannot wa1ke in darknes,&.having light to difcover the dangers in the way , wee walk fafely. How fafe was Ifrael l under thepillarinthewildernes! fo fafe are \Ve under the conduct of this pillar. How fafe were . they from enemies under the ·g11idance of J o.fhua)eading them to Canaan! but a greater than J o- {hua is here: Jofb.r .; . A man fha/1 not bee a611 to '»Jithftand thee an thJ d~tyes: nor man, nor DiveU .fhal make us fall fbort of the heavenly Canaan. Follow Chrifr, th~u followeft the Angel:, as Lot out ofSodome. Follow this { Jo.fhua, and thou follow eft him to Canaan, to thy country, to bee ever where hee is , who is both the guide and 'the end of the way. · · · , Lafl:ly, confider,ifChrifi bad - only .