Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Life f~7)~~ a_~d loft. ------ .- only given us a precept ·, wee were bound to obey ; but adding s; or~l;tfJZ.j•j· his example, \VC lball be anfwe- entem ·rable for neglect: of.his holy ex- I no1Z atnple, . as for his holy dotl:rine. \ ucetteme.m.IH We never want good example,in 1 St~bld.ta the mid£1: 0fmany bad examples, ~ hocmcdr1 of Rulers, Preachers, and private omni~ ex.. men; Chrifi bath faid,F o/low mee. crifateo, And,thou hifi: not done thy duty, Laa.r..t. C.l.f• to.fee h!m ·go before thee in holy · example~ : but in .foll_oyiii1g him; nor to admire a good example as many do,but imitate none. _ ~ Verte 25. For'1Phofoev£_r "Willfove hu bfo, foal! loft it,: and· whofoever fo~~,l/ loft hu lifcfor my fok!, fball find it . .,. '·. 1 .• ~ ~ OUr Lord having i"nfermed his c Difciples in thefe difficult principles, doth now conftrme th~m, and addeth frrong arguments to enforce t-hem: three, , The fir!l: in the words, drawne l from the , da~tgrr of failing it~ the f.. .. ·F 2 duties : J