Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

Life fo~·ed and loft. word~~ properly fignifies the (oule, \Vhich by a Meto~1ymie is put for the life orthe perfon him· felf,becaufe the foule is the caufe · oflife:&;,Anim~t c~ju[q; eft q~tifq; the foul ofaman is properly himfelf:the faving _ ~fthe fodl is lil<e- . wife the favirig of ones felf;cha- . ' rity to the fouleis the·chiefeG. _To[llve the life) is·taken fametime in good· Fei1(e, as to prefer~~ it from famine ··by:· foodi·ftom fic·knes by phyfick, from ·· ~ailger l?y flight;as Jacob froi:n Efau,Da~ vid from Saul; Chrift from the people that-would have throw ne him down the hill:but this is not here meant.Sometime in the evill · fenfc :that is,'to fave & .P~eferve the life by evill means ; as Saul by forcery ,David by ditfembling;Peter by a lye: fo is it taken here, He that '1PillfovehiJ lift., namely, by denying Ch_rifl:,by r(nouncing the truth, ab juring the pure religion, or falling to the world, or F 3 falfe