Taylor - BV4500 T195 1635

falfe worihip: For . Chri.ft doth · not condemne the[Avtwg of life, but th~ m~tnner and unlawfull me~ne J of it. . He foal/ loft it. J Athei{b would find a contraditl:ion in the fpeech ofChrifl, that a man at )the fame time fhou1d find & ~ofe the fatne life; and natirt'a11 · reafon cann9t · · reconcile it. It is a riddle to fleili . and bloud , tbaf th~ fame life fuould bee bethiaved· and loft : For the refo~ving w-her~of wee : mu£1: know' . ' r. 1 .That there-is a two-fo1d tri-- bunall , F srum c.r~li & foli, the . court of the world,& the court of heaven:and.as he that faves himfelfin the common Law, m1ay be cafl: in the Chancery; f9 hee that faves himfelfe here in the Confi- . fiories ofmen, may elfewhere lofe f himfelfe, namely,. inrhe court uf 1 heaven. 2.· J z.There be two forr:sofJu·dges:} I. Human~ (4nd de!efJ'ate. . . ~ · l.l)ivine